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Our Aim

Trusted and respected for our work with leaders who make a difference at every level, wherever we work...

Why 3CM?

Your business is unique. Your challenges are unique. Likewise your strategic, cultural and people needs are unique. If you are looking to improve business performance by developing talented individuals, high performance teams or your whole business, 3CM can help you do that. 

"We see leadership through the lens of your business and know getting outstanding results requires outstanding leaders..."

3CM’s expert team are at the forefront of re-shaping leadership development for the 21st century. We know leadership is no longer an individual activity – a leader’s success depends on others succeeding. This knowledge underpins 3CM’s service to you:

  • Comprehensive evidence based psychometric tools and professional assessments
  • PD training and nationally accredited courses,
  • Empowering todays leaders through focused programmes,
  • Preparing tomorrows leaders, and
  • Providing highly regarded and experienced executive coaches and facilitators.

Rather than focus on systems and processes, we do focus on people and more specifically how they behave, with measurable business results – whether we are assessing, training, coaching or developing your leaders. That means you’ll work with experts who can help you implement the latest in leadership development to achieve your business strategy AND people strategy.

3CM is also a private, Nationally Registered Training Organisation (RTO 0182) and a specialist at work-based blended learning that provides unique and innovative learning and professional development services with outstanding results in:

  • Advanced Diploma of Leadership & Management (coming soon)
  • Diploma of Leadership & Management
  • Certificate IV in Leadership & Management.

3CM was established in 1990 and has distinguished itself in the Australian training industry by providing in-depth, top quality learning and development solutions to companies large and small, operating in a range of contexts and environments. 3CM has a passion for facilitating the transformation of people, teams and organisations - which is evident in the results the 3CM team achieve with our clients.

3CM applies innovative learning and consulting solutions to support leadership and management growth in order to accomplish extraordinary projects and provide a catalyst for sustainable organisational transformation. 

So what does this mean in REAL terms?...Why do employees leave a company?

  1. Their manager
  2. No career path
  3. Bureacracy and politics
  4. Meaningless work and no sense of purpose
  5. No recognition and rewards, which all contribute to the sixth -
  6. A trust deficit is perhaps the most dificult to bridge.

And yet, these are not new points but it seems we still haven't quite learned that lesson.

The Cost of Getting it Wrong...to the business is more significant than you think  >>> click here for more on the true cost getting it wrong

Next move...is yours

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