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Since 1991... an expression of time in developing high performance learning and cultures

“At 3CM we focus on delivering quality and value, as well as digging deep for the 1 per centres. Obviously we’re very proud of what we achieve with the transformation in people, teams and organisations who participate in our programmes. We always value the feedback we receive from participants and clients.”

And what they say about 3CM

  • If you were only going to invest in a single training provider in your entire career then 3CM should be it!

    Dwayne Huxley ex Rio Tinto Iron Ore

  • 3CM is more than just a training provider. They have provided the platform for our transformation towards a learning organisation, focused on excellence and with a committment to provide quality service

    Michael Farmer Ex-BHP Worsley Alumina Pty. Ltd.

  • George and his staff are exceptionally skilled in their ability to customise the program to suit our needs, their high attention to detail, and their willingness to coach and instruct our staff on an individual level according to the individual's ability

    Murray Berros Mrs. Macs

  • Brilliant with people, brilliant speaker, keeps things interesting. George made me very excited about training and very enthusiastic. I have found what I wanted to do.

    Lara Cutting Rio Tinto Iron Ore

  • This is the second course I have done with this leader and I am convinced that his ability to help the learner is A1

    Brian Western Power

  • Great experience

    Dana Alamsyah 3CM School of Management

  • Once again thank you for opening my mind and giving me the opportunity to learn. You've taught me many things, but above all Geoge, I thank you for teaching me to have confidence...In my eyes you're someone who has given me more than just a qualification

    Marcus Kemp Rio Tinto Iron Ore

  • The Coaching Programme has given me the skills to perform assessments in my workplace and contribute to the development of assessment tools. I have more confidence and knowledge

    Julia Bayley Rio Tinto Iron Ore

  • The Integral Workplace Assessment workshop gave me the confidence and the 'want' to go further. The IWPA coaching gave me more direction in the way to go forward with my plans and tools

    Neil Hamilton Rio Tinto Iron Ore

  • 3CM has shown that it is professional and has thorough knowledge of workplace assessment and the facilitation of learning by flexible delivery

    M.Goodwin BHP

  • I'm glad I have done this course. I would recommend junior managers to do this course.

    Phillip Department of Defence

  • “I expressed my belief that it was possible to be both candid and respectful in presenting delicate information."

    Marilu Southam

  • “Crucial Conversations gave us the skills to navigate through muddy waters and reach a win-win situation."

    Milt Haken

  • “As a result of applying the crucial conversations skills, I have experienced significant improvements in my relationship with my boss, increased confidence at work, and feel greater mutual respect."

    Clara Burns

  • “Every relationship improved as a result of this crucial conversation."

    Rebecca Howland

  • “I had three months to turn things around or I was gone. Crucial Conversations gave me the tools to fix the problem."

    Tom Ehrenberg

  • “I have continued to hold my position respectfully and firmly."

    Lisa Salmon

  • “When I mastered my emotions and restored safety, the result was that the customer was pleased with the service he got from me. He felt someone had actually given him the respect he wanted and deserved."

    Diane M.

  • “As employees talked with their managers... they came to realise that this was an opportunity to learn new skills, ensure job security, and advance in their career."

    Erich Steinbock

  • “My relationship with my husband and my family has greatly improved because, in the middle of a difficult and crucial conversation, I was willing to stop and ask myself, ‘What do I really want?”

    Michele Wilson

  • “I have used these crucial skills in many situations, and know through first-hand experience that I can not only master the stories that kept me locked in old behaviours, but I can also reduce stress and gain renewed confidence in my day-to-day conver

    Cathy W.

  • “It met and exceeded all my expectations… has produced not only top line growth, but the focus and growth on our bottom line…a fantastic program, even after all these years I am still learning.”

    Steve Young Lets Talk Communication

  • “Very well presented course. George certainly helps to get the best from you, really helps the “learner to learn”. Very Knowledgeable. Good pace for learning. No criticisms.”

    Paul Tock Rio Tinto Iron Ore

  • "George engineered the team's alignment, with that understanding and greatly improved confidence, which combined with strong leadership has seen their success rate improve by over 200%. You can't do better than that!"

    Steve Mitchinson ex B Digital Ltd

  • “Vast knowledge of subject. Very professional and very helpful.”

    Anne-Marie Rio Tinto Iron Ore

  • “Interesting, witty, well presented.”

    R. Lampard Alcoa

  • “Good Knowledge of all subjects covered”

    M. Torry Woodside Energy

  • “Answered everyone’s queries, had a good sound knowledge and came across very clearly and concisely. Enjoyed the course.”

    Caroline Saxby

  • “Excellent presenter who demonstrated good subject knowledge.”

    Sue Gordon

  • “George is very knowledgeable and passionate about his work, engaged everyone to ensure full participation and transference of learning. We will be engaging his services again.”

    Jane Collier Telstra

  • "With Influencer we've seen dramatic results in organizational behavior change."

    Matt V Spectrum Health

  • "Longstanding accountability problems were surfaced and neutralized as a direct result of Crucial Confrontations."

    J. Marks Orkin Inc

  • This one-day session offered the right amount of new skills and practice to give me confidence in holding others accountable. It’s the perfect training add-on for busy leaders.

    Guillaume Laroche Government of Saskatchewan

  • The Crucial Conversations course with 3CM, like all good learning experiences, made me realise that I had been naïve.The skills presented gave me a new perspective on how to understand, structure and manage consequential interactions with others...

    Nathan Coad ZBB Energy Corporation

  • 'The 3CM Cert 4 in FLM is a comprehensive course that greatly assists in building management and leadership skills

    Doug Stephenson Consolidated Minerals

  • Going through the EBW system of accreditation has been very worthwhile and informative

    Chris H

  • Sensis Sensis

  • The EBW Team Report showed very quickly where the team issues were.The team exercises we carried out were insightful and valuable as was the individual feedback sessions. The process has, and will, continue to be very useful in generating a common unders

    Robert Johest

  • Understanding the team's comfort zones and what different colleagues found challenging about our team was a real eye opener.

    Senior Manager NHS

  • I’ve seen tangible benefits to my business through coaching, but I didn’t really understand the significance of exploring my emotional intelligence, or indeed how it could impact on my work. The process of undertaking the EBW assessment was quite thought

    Kate Everett

  • I found undertaking the EBW assessment refreshing and insightful. The report it generated I found to be accurate and useful confirming many of the things I need to work on. However the most useful part of the exercise was the feedback discussion I had wit

    John Niland Provide

  • We have done lots of research over the past three years, and we have found that leaders who have the best coaching skills have better business results.

    Global Executive & Organisational Development IBM