Our Commitment

OUR COMMITMENT to YOU… quality results and relationships

To afford you,  our client’s maximum protection, all 3CM’s consulting, professional development programs, conference presentations, coaching or project forums and training workshops are covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If for whatever reason, you believe that we have failed to meet your expectations, we will redo the work you are not pleased with at NO charge.
In addition, you have the right to expect the following:

Mutual Purpose

To succeed, we must really care about the interests of others...not just our own.

Without common objectives, there's no reason to converse. Without Mutual Purpose, the chances for dialogue are nil...that's why Mutual Purpose is our entrance condition of commitment to dialogue.

For example, a free 1-year edit service. Receive detailed feedback on your materials to help improve your courses. Free telephone consultation. If you need advice, confirmation of a decision, or someone to discuss ideas with – just give us a call.

Mutual Respect

Respect is like air...you don't really notice it until it's not there...and then it's all you notice.

At all times you will receive courteous and efficient service.  Your needs will be respected, you will be kept informed of all issues. At all times you will be offered practical and relevant solutions. 


Engagement is NOT enough...we are relentless in the pursuit of passionate employees aligned to a Mutual Purpose...and to achieve our dreams...and your experience with 3CM.

We are in this business as a matter of choice and love what we do.  All members of our carefully hand picked team share these values and this is reflected in any activities undertaken for you.


The need to do meaningful work...people need to know that what they do matters to someone else...it's so important.

Your need for confidentiality will always be assured and respected.  We will be extremely frank and truthful with you and will be up front even when it means admitting a mistake or telling you that the project is not working out.


3CM's success is based on what we deliver to our clients, and we cannot deliver without a high level of trust...Trust builds employee commitment and customer loyalty.

At 3CM, we genuinely believe we offer the best value for money training and consulting in Australia, backed up by a nation wide reputation for fair and honest dealings with first class communication services.

Our learning designs and delivery require effort, but we also make sure that they are lively, entertaining and fun...learning without pain works!