Our Purpose Our Values

Our Purpose...

Our real buisness, is transforming people, teams and organisations, without boundaries...


60% of Australian employees are disengaged at work.  

A further 16% are actively disengaged.  

The cost to the economy of those actively disengaged?

$54.8 billion a year

...how much is it costing your business?

(from Gallup State of the Global Workplace Report 2013)

Our Values

Our core values recognise that our business success is founded upon a commitment to the following principles and behaviours. They support and reflect the Standards of Registered Training Organisations (2015) in the Australian VET sector and the shared values of the Australian Quality Training Framework.

Our Values...

Our Behaviours...



our products are our people, our teamwork, our knowledge, skills, passion and diversity...

  • Our success begins with valuing our people
  • By making time to coach and foster their development
  • By helping others to gain a broader business understanding
  • By openly accepting our accountabilities
  • By caring about the interests of others
  • By continually working on our mutual respect and our mutual purpose
  • By giving others the recognition they deserve


we succeed by making our clients successful...

  • By embracing our clients' challenges and opportunities
  • By working for their success
  • By delivering results and strong relationships
  • By developing mutual respect and a mutual purpose
  • By proactively supporting and encouraging each other to deliver real customer value
  • By providing feedback on ideas in a constructive manner


the way we move to adapt to change...

  • By moving with speed and dexterity to adapt and adjust to emerging client and project requirements
  • By making project solutions relevant, sustainable, safe and cost effective
  • By being change ready
  • By maintaining a "will do" and "can do" approach
  • By being flexible and receptive to new ideas and approaches to the way we work
  • By challenging the status quo to improve
  • By using our knowledge and skills to improve


we inspire trust-based relationships...

  • By building strong relationships
  • By our performance to deliver consistent results
  • By speaking up with open dialogue
  • By sharing ideas and opinions
  • By fulfilling our responsibilities to each other
  • By keeping commitments and be held accountable


we value above all else, the unequivocal excellence in all aspects of our performance...

  • By developing a mutual purpose
  • By our critical thinking
  • By our innovative practices
  • By not tolerating at risk behaviour
  • By earning and advancing our reputation by delivering superior results on every project we undertake

Why we do it?

Values act as the galvanising factor that holds an organisation together. At 3CM we operate by a set of Five Values and their  expected Behaviours that build and sustain TRUST.

Our unique organisational values were developed by the 3CM team and for the 3CM team.  The Behaviours that Build Trust are integrated throughout our products and services, and are a core component of 3CM's leadership development philosophy.

How will we measure it?

We will measure how effective we are in achieving the vision and values by using standards defined in the Australian Standards Registered Training Organisations (SRTO 2015). By tracking our performance against the standards defined under SRTO 2015 we will ensure that we progress towards achieving world class business systems and practices aligned to 3CM's vision and values.