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A Complete Evidence-Based System for Organisations, Teams and Leadership Development

There is no substitute for effective leadership and management. If we want to develop more effective leaders, and do that more rapidly and sustainably, we need a more comprehensive evidence-based approach.

The field of leadership development is a fragmented collection of theories and practices. 3CM has taken the best of what has been learned over the last half century and woven it into a unified theory of Leadership Development to arise in the field. Based on this unique framework, we offer a complete and Integrated System of Leadership Development. The combination is unparalleled.

We support leadership transformation—change that evolves authentically from the inside out. We offer tools, methodology, and support for deepening the conversation with leaders so that change can occur on a deep, significant, life-transforming level.

Unified Theory and Research

This leading edge online assessment services arises from the most comprehensive framework in the world.  Underpined by 3CM's unique approach and how its incorporated tools and processes helps organisations not just collect data but to also maximise it by interpreting it into vital information for the benefit of its people and individual leaders, the teams, the organisation's customers.

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We offer best-in-class assessment and development tools for individuals, team and the entire organisation.






Organisational Effectiveness Profiling

Business EQ - Leaders

DiSC Work of Leaders

Employee Passion Survey

Competency Based Assessment

Fastrack Leadership Effectiveness Profiling

Business EQ – Advanced Leaders & Managers

DiSC 363 for Leaders

Flexibility and Trust Survey

Recognition of Prior Learning

Employee Opinion Profile

Business EQ – Recruitment & Selection

DiSC Management Profile

Team Alignment Survey

Advanced Diploma in Leadership & Management

Employee Retention Surveys

Business EQ - Coaching

DiSC Workplace Profile


Diploma of Management

Project Performance Profiling

Business EQ – High Performance Teams

DiSC Sales Profile


Cert IV in Leadership & Management

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With our state-of-the-art assessment instruments, 3CM Assessment Services can help you determine the right level of resources, knowledge and skills necessary to drive your company to its goals. Putting the appropriate talent in place is critical, yet challenging when faced with a limited resource pool and a highly competitive labor market. Focused and relevant talent selection and development, from individual contributors to high potential leaders, will bring your execution capacity to the right level with an optimised use of resources. 3CM Assessment centre and services provide targeted approaches to precisely identify talent and capability gaps.

Based on the best-in-class approach to developing more effective leaders and managers, 3CM offers a suite of very powerful, highly flexible, award winning and customisable workshop learning experiences.

Our assessment services are administered, debriefed, and supported with follow-through coaching.

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If you really want to know what is going on in your business, or to understand the behaviours, motivations and profiles of your people, check out the essential business health check Organisational Effectiveness Profiles, the powerful and highly rated EBW Emotional Intelligence for Business Assessments, the team based Trust Inside Assessments or the popular DiSC Behavioural Assessment tools so that any training and coaching can be aimed at treating the 'Cause' of current performance, rather than “band-aiding” the Symptoms.

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