Competency Based Assessments

Street smarts vs Book smarts.

Self taught vs Academic qualifications.

Question posed on Donald Trump’s The Apprentice. In the show, two groups competed by performing business related tasks. One group was made up of people with academic qualifications. The other group was made up of people who didn’t have qualifications, but were self taught and running their own businesses. The winner would become Donald Trump’s apprentice.

This is a good place to start understanding what competency assessment is all about. We look at individual people in their own right. Assessing people using their knowledge and skills in an on the job situation is the key to competency assessment.

What is Competency Assessment?

The gathering and judging of evidence in order to decide whether a person has achieved a standard of competence. (web definition)

Competency Based Assessment Process
Step 1 - Self Assessment Step 2 - Conduct a Diagnostic Assessment Step 3 - Identify Training Needs Step 4 - Implement Training & Development Step 5 - Conduct a Summative Assessment
Compiling evidence of current skills and knowledge Qualified workplace assessor reviews the evidence Identify and plan  training and development needs Blended workplace learning underpinned by a Mentoring philosophy Award qualification based on a set of nationally recognised standards

Skill set

Every job requires a specific set of knowledge and skills. And this varies depending on the type and complexity of the job. More than just knowing whether street smarts or book smarts is better, competency assessment is all about providing a way of building the skills and knowledge people need to perform their current job. It is also the key element of the succession planning process because it provides a way of developing people for their future roles.

An ongoing process

Competency assessment is an ongoing process of continually building knowledge and skills. Organizations are much more dynamic now and competency assessment addresses the need to stay ahead of the curve.

Improved knowledge & skills – improved performance capability

There are a number of different ways of doing competency assessment. The method described here is designed to be a more objective assessment and provide better quality outcomes.

Finding the key

The key to competency assessment is that it is based on actual skills and knowledge that a person can demonstrate in the workplace or other contexts. This is different to other approaches where there is no requirement to demonstrate knowledge and skills – like approaches where people just answer questions as a test of their knowledge and skills. The problem with testing is that it doesn’t guarantee that a person will be able to do something – it just verifies that they know something.

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