Mentoring Approach to Skills Recognition RPL


A 3CM streamlined approach to Recognition of Prior Learning assessment is making it easier for people to gain formal qualification or units of competency.

The recognition mentoring model involves the following process:

Stage 1: Interview - initial consultation and preliminary assessment with a 3CM assessor

Stage 2: Discussion - of process plan, self-evaluation of skills and knowledge

Stage 3: Collection of evidence - with the guidance  of your 3CM mentor

Stage 4: Review of your evidence - as collected and identification of any gaps

At this stage there may be a need for the provision of further evidence

If not...

Stage 5: Collation of your portfolio - for presentation to the summative assessment

Candidates are encouraged to demonstrate their skills and knowledge rather than submit a large amount of written evidence.

What is RPL?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the term used to describe a number of assessment processes resulting in the formal recognition of competencies (skills, knowledge and attitudes) that a person has acquired through formal training, work experience and/or life experience.

Like many people today, you may have worked your way up to the position you now hold. In doing this work, you have probably gained a great deal of competence as a manager, assessor or trainer but you may not hold any qualifications for these skills. This means it may be more difficult for you to demonstrate that you actually have these skills if you do go for a promotion or get a new job.

If this is the case, you need a way to get the qualifications you deserve without doing another training course.

Consider this... There are two ways to learn things:

  1. By doing them on the job and learn as you go, or
  2. By being taught them in a formal course

Who is it for?

RPL is for experienced people seeking qualifications for the management and/or training and assessment competence they already have and for anyone who facilitates, trains or assesses competencies.

How do I know if it is for me? If…

  • You are already a competent manager or trainer or have a safety role
  • You have experience as a manager or trainer or a safety officer
  • You would like to earn the qualifications, or
  • You would like to help guide others through the process

Then the 3CM RPL is for you.

What Qualifications can I get?

3CM's Recognition of Prior Learning programme can be used to gain the following qualifications or units of competency:

AQF Level 6 AQF Level 5 AQF Level 4

Mutual Recognition

3CM recognises qualifications and statements of attainment issued by other Registered Training Organisations under the Australian Qualifications Framework. If the skills and knowledge are gained through accredited training, a process of Mutual Recognition will be applied. You will need to supply a certified copy of your Statement of Attainment before any relevant competencies are recognised. An administrative fee of $250 applies for Mutual Recognition of any number of units per applican per qualification.

Initial Fees and Evaluation

The initial consultation will be a discussion based around:

  • Your experiences and the Qualification
  • Recognition you are planning to achieve
  • Evaluation of the likelihood of gaining RPL
  • And an overview of the process to be undertaken.

(Fee $175 plus GST)

The RPL process can cover any qualification that is listed under the Australian Qualifications Framework that is Certificate I to Advanced Diplomas provided by Registered Training Organisations.

Portfolio Development

3CM RPL mentoring ia service that aids people through the RPL process  

This involves the development of an evidence plan and the provision of a mentor coach for the process.

The Fee covers consultation, review and design of evidence templates and Third Party Reports and compilation of your portfolio.

(Fees apply, please call us for details)

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Fee for the Portfolio Development includes access to four individual mentoring meetings and unlimited phone/email collaboration for a 12 month period.
  2. There is no refund once the Portfolio has been commenced.
  3. The service is not transferable to other people.
  4. Additional fees do apply for the formal summative assessment of your portfolio.

What should I do now?

To determine your eligibility for 3CM's Recognition of Prior Learning programme you will need to:

Step 1: Make an appointment with a 3CM Assessor

Step 2: Refer to the learning outcomes of the specific modules

If you think your competence matches the learning outcomes, contact us to request a meeting for a Recognition of Prior Learning assessment.

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