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Surveying and gathering employee ideas and issues without actioning them is highly counterproductive...85% of employees who have used standard staff surveys saw no real benefit. Running a survey is easy...but it's the post-survey work is what really counts.  3CM solutions give you time efficient to implement positive change.

Organisational assessments are performed to identify and address the true underlying causes of organisational issues in order to maximise effectiveness, performance and profitability. The concept of continuous improvement is well known, yet many organisations find it hard to implement them consistently. There are varying reasons of why organisations has not been able to implement it, from lack of follow through, inadequate improvement systems, lack of incentive, and many more.

Our approach and the range of the uniquely structured business improvement tools and diagnostics is not just found in the employee survey solutions but is fundamental across our entire range of solutions in the areas of:

Survey Modules that focus on...

 Engagement & Alignment Change Management Project Management
Executive Team Effectiveness Sales Team Effectiveness Post-Merger Integration
Leadership Development Team Performance Vendor Relationship Review
On Boarding Sales Team Effectiveness Shared Services Effectiveness
New Manager - First 90 days HR Service Effectiveness Technology Review





Every single one of our continuous improvement tools is built on the Profiling Methodology.  It is a process driven and proven method for lifting the effectiveness of an organisation.

How Effectiveness Profiling Works

Profiling the effectiveness of a team, division, leader or entire company is not just about gathering a diagnostic or running a survey. Our tools are all built with a process that spans issue identification, prompts action discovery and is tracked and monitored for accountability and consistency.

Effectiveness Profiling in More Detail

The first step of Effectiveness profiling is about identifying issues – either through the use of an employee survey, an executive pulse or by simply providing leaders with access to potential issues that could affect their team.

Then leaders, executives and 3CM consultants receive prompts about the underlying causes of these key issues. This “Action Discovery” or thought starting process helps build action plans that are relevant and specific.

The continuous improvement process is followed up by a series of progress measures and reports that track and monitors the progress of implementing initiatives and action plans.

But, there is one big difference between a Perform8 survey and that offered by our competitors

3CM adopts an approach to surveying unlike any other provider. Rather than considering an employee survey as just a data collection process we see it as a continuous improvement process with the survey being just the start point.

For a survey to be truly effective, for it to deliver the benefits that employees expect (and deserve), it must be thought of in two parts. First comes the collection of data and the delivery of results. But next comes the far more important step – the use of this data to drive organisation wide improvement.

And this is where most surveys fail to live up to their promise. In fact 85% of employees consider traditional approaches to surveying – just collecting data, to be a waste of time.

All surveys deal with the first part (some more successfully than others) but only COI provides all the tools you need to also drive the second part, all included at no extra cost, because we believe that these tools are essential for true survey success. To arrange an online demonstration click here.

A continuous process that's driven year round...

Customised Survey & Results

PROFILING - Continuous Improvement Software
Survey Design Results Analysis Real-Time Data

We bring our expertise together with your knowledge to develop a survey design that will deliver you the best results. Our surveys are designed to look at the alignment between People, Processes and Strategy.

Proprietary 19 Driver Model highlights and prioritises issues that need resolving. Advanced demographic sorting allows comparisons of any team or working group to the organisation as a whole.

Perform8 software equips you with real-time data that allows you to measure business performance. Our platform provides you with comprehensive data-driven insights that guides you in the decision making process.
A selection of situation specific diagnostics, surveys and feedback tools + custom build. Engagement, productivity, change etc. Cloud based action planning tools for use by relevant areas, teams, regions to capture actions, delivery dates, owners etc. Tracking and monitoring reports measure implementation progress - by team, area, leader, owner, type, delivery date etc.







Action Development Software

Through the Survey Action Planning Software (SAPS) application, organisations will be able to build continuous improvement into day-to-day work practices.

Since continuous improvement is a stop/start affair for many organisations, 3CM offers several options that will help organisations in different areas of their business. In a market that offers thousands of business improvement solutions, find out why many of the worlds best organisations have moved to 3CM's COI instruments: where action is everything.

Organisational Effectiveness

A leading edge process for determining the most appropriate organisational strategies and actions, by linking the effectiveness of (or lack of!) an Strategic Intent; Culture/Behaviour and Business Processes. Click here to download Brochure

Learn more about Organisational Effectivenes Profile...

Assessment Overview Resources

Organisational Effectiveness Profile

A leading edge process for determining the most appropriate organisational strategies and actions, by linking the effectiveness of (or lack of!) an Organisations Strategy; Culture and Systems.

Click here to download Brochure

Leadership Effectiveness Profile

LEP is a truly unique software application that has helped thousands of teams be better through transformational leadership. It will provide a clear understanding of current leadership effectiveness and the leader's key business issues.

Click here to download the LEP Brochure

Team Effectiveness Profile

Our Internet based survey software provides each leader with direct and immediate access to team results. Our TEP will collect information, perform team analysis and planning, which will result in implementation programs and improvement. Click here to download the TEP Brochure

Employee Retention Surveys

Retention is a big issue for a large number of organisations all over the world. The economic cost of losing productive employee is estimated to be more than a year's salary worth. Employee Retention Optimiser is a survey tool that can help organisations capture precious feedback and improve. Click here to download the ERO Brochure

Are there any other reasons to consider 3CM over the alternatives?

Because our focus is on action and improvement, rather than just data collection we know a lot about what is required to drive organisation wide improvement and momentum.

  • Question design is critical. Employees want to see questions that explore their issues. Generic surveys don’t engage employees.
  • Communication strategies must drive forward momentum. We have an in-house digital communications team developing video and other media to help our clients cut through.
  • Access our wide range of additional in-house business improvement tools to help address post survey business improvement issues.
  • Use our complimentary online consultancy service for best practice business improvement advice. Any leader can access.

To find out about the 3CM employee survey difference contact us to find out more.

Are your surveys expensive?

We have a range of survey options to fit every budget. You can contact us to try these for free.

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