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What Does the Survey Do?

FASTRACK Leadership Effectiveness Profiling (LEP)

Fastrack takes a different, and we would argue, better approach to leadership by offering a software solution that combines both leadership feedback and leadership development in the one application

  • A feedback system that is constructive and positive
  • Alignment of leadership development priorities to the leader's team, manager and customers
  • Suggested leadership improvement actions and strategies for team, manager and customers
  • Leadership Development Planning instruments
  • Leadership development progress tracking reports

Cornerstone Principles:

  • A clear understanding of current leadership effectiveness and the leader's key business issues.
  • A set of clear objective measures detailing how well the leader is currently meeting these team challenges and issues.
  • A set of tools to help each leader address these issues more effectively.
  • The ability to track and monitor each leader's progress in driving higher levels of effectiveness into their workplace.

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The 3CM Approach...a process not an event

The 3CM High Performance Culture Model

3CM’s unique, six stage, end to end fully integrated approach to organisational improvement drives consulting interventions from issue identification to action and business improvement.

Stage 1 – Comprehensive Needs Analysis

3CM employs a powerful evidence-based set of customised diagnostics, a powerful survey that gathers insight on the 3 business drivers and 19 elements to identify the true issues and their underlying causes for organisational improvement.

Stage 2 - Results Analysis & Executive Briefing

Analyse the survey responses and prepare results in graphs, tables and executive summary reports. A thorough briefing of the profile report to align interpretation and engagement.

Stage 3 – Consulting Action Planning

Develop and implement via an integrated cloud based action planning software to drive best practice and business improvement at all levels of the business.

Stage 4 – Improvement Tracking

Managers and key players have 24/7 access to online reports that help them track and monitor team progress and to keep the improvement process on track.

Stage 5 - Coaching

OPTIONAL - Highly recommended for sustainability and accountability, individual, team or group coaching sessions to guide or develop behaviour to achieve results.  This will highlight different parts of performance and the result to each participant/team, including culture and behaviour outcomes.

Coaching is vital building block in the 3CM Approach. With research proving that there is an 88% increase in transference of actions when coaching is introduced, this is why 3CM delivers high performance

Stage 6 – Measuring the Results

Conduct a pulse check to re-assess the performance and improvement, alignment and engagement as well as management capability levels either through a scheduled or on demand pulse check.

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