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What Does the Survey Do?


A Survey Software that has been proven to work

The employee opinion survey is often one of the largest, and the most detailed human capital initiative undertaken by organisations every year. Even with this concerted effort, many organisations fail to extract valuable information that can be used to drive change and improve the business.

Our Employee Engagement Survey or Team Effectiveness Profile succeeds where others fails by using an internet based software to provide leaders with direct and immediate access to their teams results, action planning wizards, team reports, online analysis and program management. This end to end approach is focused on driving bottom up organisational commitment, employee commitment, improved retention and alignment.

  • Our employee opinion surveys are used by the world's leading organisations - Toyota Financial Services, Commonwealth Bank, Shell, 7 Eleven, Woodside, Laing O'Rourke, BMW and many more.
  • Worldwide, our employee surveys have already successfully generated more than 5 million survey questions and answers.
  • Our unique 3-module Employee Survey Software solution takes you from results, to analysis, to action planning and improvement at ALL organisational levels.

Employee Engagement Survey

5 Essential & Unique Benefits of our Survey Solution:

  1. Fully Tailored Surveys: A tailored employee survey that reflects your organisational language, needs, and issues, but drawing on our fully validated OEP core question set.
  2. Fast Results: Immediate, direct access to your employee survey results on closure.
  3. Customised Reporting: Generate different reports easily and at any time - with issues, priorities and actions immediately highlighted.
  4. Action Planning: Action planning software guides all leaders and their teams through the survey results and required improvement actions, and captures all steps in an easy-to-implement action plan.
  5. Automatic Process Tracking: The built-in tracking and monitoring software keeps the process on track, while identifying and addressing barriers and potential roadblocks

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The 3CM Approach...a process not an event

The 3CM High Performance Culture Model

3CM’s unique, six stage, end to end fully integrated approach to organisational improvement drives consulting interventions from issue identification to action and business improvement.

Stage 1 – Comprehensive Needs Analysis

3CM employs a powerful evidence-based set of customised diagnostics, a powerful survey that gathers insight on the 3 business drivers and 19 elements to identify the true issues and their underlying causes for organisational improvement.

Stage 2 - Results Analysis & Executive Briefing

Analyse the survey responses and prepare results in graphs, tables and executive summary reports. A thorough briefing of the profile report to align interpretation and engagement.

Stage 3 – Consulting Action Planning

Develop and implement via an integrated cloud based action planning software to drive best practice and business improvement at all levels of the business.

Stage 4 – Improvement Tracking

Managers and key players have 24/7 access to online reports that help them track and monitor team progress and to keep the improvement process on track.

Stage 5 optional - Coaching

Highly recommended for sustainability and accountability, individual, team or group coaching sessions to guide or develop behaviour to achieve results.  This will highlight different parts of performance and the result to each participant/team, including culture and behaviour outcomes.

Coaching is vital building block in the 3CM Approach. With research proving that there is an 88% increase in transference of actions when coaching is introduced, this is why 3CM delivers high performance

Stage 6 – Measuring the Results

Conduct a pulse check to re-assess the performance and improvement, alignment and engagement as well as management capability levels either through a scheduled or on demand pulse check.

When we talk about a post survey toolkit what do we mean?

The post survey toolkit has all the tools you need to help drive post survey analysis and improvement across all teams: There are 7 key tools available.

  1. Direct online access to team results and tools for any team leader immediately on survey closure
  2. Online action planning software that guides each leader and their team through the development of key actions to address team issues
  3. The capture of these actions within the system together with action owner, delivery date, completion rates etc.
  4. A system generated improvement plan for each team
  5. Prompts and reminders direct to each team leader via their email system when actions are due for completion
  6. Access to over 100 best practice actions to help address issues
  7. Tracking and monitoring software and reports to help HR (or other survey owner) track realtime improvement progress across the entire organisation.

You can turn these tools on or off, choose which teams have access to them and also draw down on our other business improvement tools when extra assistance is required or any leader can discuss any issue with one of our on line consultants. Contact us for more details.

Empower your team

Our focus on the post survey process (as well as the pre survey process) helps move the employee survey from being largely a top down initiative to one that is bottom up and top down.

Now leaders at all levels are empowered using the COI post survey toolkit, to address the issues unique to their teams. Leader issues and frustrations are addressed, team performance improves, people are listened too and great ideas are taken on board and enacted. As a result the organisation is both a better place to work in, and a better place to buy from. To arrange a demonstration contact us.


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