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What 'Trust Inside' assessments deliver?

Trust Inside assessments deliver a vivid snapshot of individual and team performance and expectations across a range of critical areas. The survey results empower leaders and employees with a new understanding of their work environment, while 3CM's range of development models provide strategies for bringing performance up to optimum levels. An ideal starting point for new clients is our flagship alternative to the traditional employee engagement survey: the Employee Passion Survey.

Assessment Focus Overview Resources

Employee Passion Survey


The Employee Passion Survey is a tool that can measure the levels of passion in your team. Why is this crucial? Passionate employees are passionate about their work, and the organisation that they work for. Find out why engagement is no longer enough.


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Flexibility and Trust Survey


How do your employees view change? Do they react defensively at the first sight of it? Or do they accept change as being part and parcel of a modern work environment? Discover the level of your employees flexibility and trust and reap the benefits.


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Team Alignment Survey


Teams at all levels need to overcome the obstacles that get in the way of progress. By developing a high degree of alignment, teams can ensure that future challenges are met swiftly and deliberately, and with a healthy degree of debate.


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The 3CM and Integro Association


Intégro Leadership Institute is a leadership development consulting firm, providing solutions for an international array of organisations ranging from Fortune Global 500 companies to government institutions and not-for-profits.

Through decades of experience, research, and analysis, Intégro has developed a range of programmes, models, surveys, and analytical frameworks that help organisations transform the performance of leaders and employees at all levels. It is by creating these processes as leadership consultants that enables a clear  view of each and every facet of an organisation. 3CM is fully accredited to deliver Integro products, and enjoys a long standing partnership of delivering high performance.


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