Team Alignment Survey


What Does the Survey Do?


...sound decision-making relies on team alignment.

Trust is clearly an essential foundation for effective teamwork.  It is equally important, however, for the team to be in alignment on the direction in which it is going, and on the outcomes it is aiming to achieve.

Whether it is among a front-line team in operations or the senior team around the boardroom table, getting into alignment is often 90% of the challenge of making a decision. When there is a lack of alignment in teams, it can be a highly time-wasting, morale-sapping - and ultimately costly problem.

Teams at all levels need to overcome the obstacles that get in the way of progress. By developing a high degree of alignment, teams can ensure that future challenges are met swiftly and deliberately, and with a healthy degree of debate.

It may seem like common sense that team alignment is essential for teamwork - yet there are so many teams that fail to achieve alignment,,,Why?

There are three key reasons why teams fail to achieve alignment:

  1. Team members do not understand what alignment really means.
  2. Teams do not focus on getting into alignment on the two most important things on which they need alignment: Purpose and Values.
  3. A lack of trust in the team prevents open, frank dialogue.

The Team Alignment Survey measures alignment in two sections:

  1. Team Alignment Report: measures the degree to which team members are in alignment on their Purpose, Values, Vision, Goals, Procedures and Roles.
  2. The Team Trust Report: measures the degree to which team members perceive the Elements of Trust™, and the values that support them, to be present in the team.


This will:

  • Enable you to measure two underlying factors that determine team success - alignment and trust.
  • Give you in-depth measure to two aspects of team alignment:
    • Clarity - the degree to which team members are clear on their purpose, values, vision and goals
    • Approval - the degree to which team members approve of where the team is going and how they are going to get there.
  • Provide you with critical measures of the team's trust level to identify the sources that are affecting the levels of clarity and approval within the team.

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The 3CM Approach...its a process not an event

3CM's High Performance Culture Model

3CM’s unique, five stages, end to end fully integrated approach to organisational improvement drives consulting interventions from issue identification to action and improvement.

Stage 1 – Comprehensive Needs Analysis

3CM employs a powerful evidence-based set of diagnostics to identify the true issues and their underlying causes.

Stage 2 – Consulting Action

A thorough briefing of profile report to align interpretation and integrated action planning software to drive best practice and accountability. (At this stage you can choose to proceed with 3CM or ‘fix it yourself’).

Stage 3 –Coaching

After the briefing sessions, the next steps would be one on one coaching session to go through the result of each individual. In order to track and monitor the progress to keep the improvement process on track. This will highlight different parts of the result to each participant, and present possible solutions for improvement of performance. Coaching is a vital building block in the 3CM Approach.

Stage 4 – Training

Options to attend specific training workshops directly tailored and aligned to your business, market and what your people need to be doing better or differently. (These workshops are NOT off the shelf, by the book, generic training ‘courses’).

Stage 5 – Measuring the Results

Re-assess your candidates level of capability, inspiration and engagement improvement through a selection of either face-to-face interview; on the job observation or demonstration; psychometric testing; third party validation; competency based assessment; workplace project.

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