Flexibility & Trust Survey


What Does the Survey Do?

MANAGE CHANGE EFFECTIVELY...because change is constant

Every organisation experiences change on a regular basis, including staffing changes, technology, shifts in the external environment, and many more:

  • How do your employees view change?
  • Do they react defensively at the first sight of it?
  • Or do they accept change as being part and parcel of a modern work environment?

The latter employees can work with change - and often even capitalise on it.

Equipping employees with the tools to embrace change is the key to helping them capitalise on it. Employees who embrace change tend to have higher levels of interpersonal skills, are open-minded, and listen to one another.

When considering change, it is vital that all employees - especially leaders and managers - recognise the importance of interpersonal flexibility and trust-building skills.

The trust measurement encompasses the four Elements of Trust and the eight corresponding Values that Build Trust.

The survey measures will provide valuable observer feedback across two key components of interpersonal effectiveness:

  1. Flexibility and
  2. Trust-building skills.


Explore in-depth the levels of:

  1. The Flexibility component measures a range of 'team members' capabilities, including:
    • Adaptibility to different people and situations,
    • Acceptance of difference in others,
    • Willingness to adapt behaviour to relate well to other people.
  2. The Trust component measures 'team members' ability to build trust:
    • Interpersonal relationships, which is the foundation of Trust, and
    • Consistency, because in its abscence its essentially meaningless.


  • Provide a detailed starting point that creates self-awareness and understanding, enabling individuals to pinpoint and improve their interpersonal skills, which results in more effective workplace relationships.

The Survey In-Depth



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The 3CM Approach...its a process not an event

3CM's High Performance Culture Model

3CM’s unique, five stages, end to end fully integrated approach to organisational improvement drives consulting interventions from issue identification to action and improvement.

Stage 1 – Comprehensive Needs Analysis

3CM employs a powerful evidence-based set of diagnostics to identify the true issues and their underlying causes.

Stage 2 – Consulting Action

A thorough briefing of profile report to align interpretation and integrated action planning software to drive best practice and accountability. (At this stage you can choose to proceed with 3CM or ‘fix it yourself’).

Stage 3 –Coaching

After the briefing sessions, the next steps would be one on one coaching session to go through the result of each individual. In order to track and monitor the progress to keep the improvement process on track. This will highlight different parts of the result to each participant, and present possible solutions for improvement of performance. Coaching is a vital building block in the 3CM Approach.

Stage 4 – Training

Options to attend specific training workshops directly tailored and aligned to your business, market and what your people need to be doing better or differently. (These workshops are NOT off the shelf, by the book, generic training ‘courses’).

Stage 5 – Measuring the Results

Re-assess your candidates level of capability, inspiration and engagement improvement through a selection of either face-to-face interview; on the job observation or demonstration; psychometric testing; third party validation; competency based assessment; workplace project.

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