Qualification Levels Summary

What Qualifications Levels are Available at 3CM?

The Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) with the Training Packages offers nationally recognised qualifications at eight levels; 3CM focuses on the following three:

What are the Distinguishing Features of the Learning Outcomes?

The following table shows as an example in the difference (in the recognised Management qualification) between these levels, by describing the things that individuals are able to do at each level.

Certificate IV Diploma Advanced Diploma
Demonstrate undesratnding of a broad knowledge base incorporating some theoretical concepts Demonstrate understanding of a broad knowledge base incorporating theoretical concepts, with substantial depth in some areas Demonstrate understanding of specialised knowledge with depth in some areas
Apply solutions to a defined range of unpredictable problems Analyse and plan approaches to technical problems or management requirements Analyse, diagnose, design and execute judgements across a broad range of technical or management functions
Identify and apply skill and knowledge areas to a wide variety of contexts, with depth in some areas Transfer and apply theoretical concepts and/or technical or creative skills to a range of situations Generate ideas through the analysis of information and concepts at an abstract level
Identify, analyse and evaluate information from a variety of sources Evaluate information, using it to forecast for planning or research purposes Demonstrate a command of wide-ranging, highly specialised technical, creative or conceptual skills
Take responsibility for own outputs in relation to specified quality standards Take responsibility for own outputs in relation to broad quantity and quality parameters Demonstrate accountability for personal outputs within broad parameters
Take limited responsibility for the quantity and quality of the output of others. Take some responsibility for the achievement of group outcomes. Demonstrate accountability for personal and group outcomes within broad parameters.

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