Building Coaching Cultures

Building Coaching Cultures

Coaching has been shown to improve the performance of individuals and teams, and the same principles can be applied at an organisational level to improve performance across the entire business. 3CM acknowledges that organisations are complex and so brings a “whole of systems” approach to building a coaching culture.  We bring a team of professionals that draw on current research to work with the whole business ensuring the executive is engaged, skills training is effectively delivered, coaching champions are identified and supported, key stakeholders are included, measurement and evaluation is clear and systems and processes are refined to support the change.

Designing and Developing a Strong Coaching Culture

To understand how to build a coaching culture, it is essential to look at factors such as team organisation, the complexity of jobs and the talent management strategies that provide the rationale for coaching.  As the use of teams in organisations continues to rise, there needs to be training for the group leadership in order to delegate responsibilities and provide supportive leadership. Moreover, the role of today's leader has evolved from the traditional hierarchical director to a supportive and non-controlling capacity and more managers/leaders are expected to use coaching skills in their daily interactions.

Still, there are several questions to ask to help shape the coaching programme and ensure it meets the unique needs of your company.  Key aspects to consider can be discussed to find out more click here to contact us today to arrange a meeting or simply call us on 1300 159 000.

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