Value Added Incentives

Value Added Incentives 

Client Incentives are offered because we feel our coaches are uniquely qualified to support your needs. To convince you that we want the very best for our clients and subscribers, we offer you the following:

The 3CM Value What does it mean...

Free E-mail Support While You Learn

Your coach will give you unlimited e-mail support between sessions. The purpose is to help you integrate the principles and new techniques you are learning and give you the type of support you deserve. We guarantee that every e-mail will receive a response within 48 hours.

Spur-of-the-Moment Coaching

For those who have previously been clients and find themselves in a situation where they would like quick support, we offer you this service. We will take your call as quickly as possible, even after regular business hours. There is a fee for this service.

The Coaching Experience

To assist you in making a decision about your personal or professional development, we will be happy to discuss your specific needs and the reasons for your looking into coaching at this time.

We'll also be interested in your background, your short and long-term goals, and to hear more about your particular situation. All Executive Coaching is about meeting and fulfilling your needs in the shortest possible timeline.

We will outline our approach and answer any questions you may have about the process. Please feel free to call and inquire: 1300 159 000

Orientation Session

All new clients will start out right. You will be provided with a free introductory call with your coach. This orientation will focus on the coach and the client getting acquainted and to establish the necessary framework for working together.

We will explore what you will find helpful, how you best learn, what has been holding you back, and how we can help you achieve your dreams both personally and professionally.

Free Articles and 3CM's Business Insight Newsletter

Our newsletters are published quarterly and sent electronically free-of-charge to our clients and subscribers. We’ve had enthusiastic responses to the information and the quality of the articles.

Free Coaching Tips

Coaching Tips are published on the site and can be accessed on a regular basis. We hope to help you incorporate some of the basic principles of coaching.