Individual Coaching

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is increasingly recognised as one of the most effective ways to create dynamic, focused organisations and foster executive development.  Executive coaching gives people the freedom to use their talents, skills and experience - while at the same time ensuring clear goals are in place and outcomes are achieved. Specifically, executive coaching can assist managers in becoming more effective leaders of their people and helps significantly progress their executive development.

One on one, or individual coaching is one of the Institute’s three principal lines of service, along with professional coaching training and accreditation and the delivery of tailored development programs for leaders at all levels of organisations, in coaching and other workplace conversations.

Like other forms of coaching, executive coaching is a collaborative relationship that uses an adult learning framework to help executives and business professionals identify and remove those interferences that limits executive development.  Executive coaching is a three-way relationship between the coach, counterpart and the counterpart’s organisation.

For more information on individual executive coaching click here.

Other Forms of Coaching

Business Coaching

By 3CM’s definition, a business coach is someone with experience in business (and/or in your field of business) who advises on your business plans, strategies etc.  This is quite distinct from executive coaching and is not offered by 3CM as a service.  However, our mentors can and will advise within their areas of expertise.

Life Coaching

The life coach tends to work directly with their clients and offer coaching on personal matters such as fitness, personal goals, motivation, etc.  3CM does not offer life coaching.

Managers First 100 Days Coaching

Conservatively, the average mis-hire will cost your organisation at least 1.2 times a person’s annual salary. Of course an effective recruitment process is essential, but what happens after the employment contracts are signed is doubly important. Click here to find out more about how coaching new hires through their transition can help to ensure they come on board successfully. 

Group Coaching

We work with groups of individual leaders from various functions of the business to support their development.  Members of a group are often peers and have a shared interest in the topic of the group coaching.  Click here to find out how team or group coaching may be relevant to your organisation. 

Team Coaching

Team coaching can be used in a variety of organisational context, from building group skills and accountability, to embedding learning after the completion of a skills programme. Click here to find out how team or group coaching may be relevant to your organisation. 

Career Coaching

Successful organisations understand the financial and organisational benefits of supporting employees to develop their career. Career coaching can ensure talented individuals travel on a long and engaged journey within the organisation. 3CM does not offer career coaching.

Coaching Using Psychometric Diagnostic Tools

A diagnostic instrument provides a sound basis for beginning a personal development journey. Many people don’t have a realistic assessment of their actual behaviour, and an instrument that provides such feedback can be extremely valuable. Click here to visit our Assessment Centre to find out more about the different diagnostic tools 3CM is accredited in and how we can incorporate them in our coaching engagements. 

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