Individual Executive Coaching

The Purpose of Executive Coaching...its about a relationship and results

While the specific purpose of any executive coaching engagement is practically unlimited, the common theme in all executive coaching is to assist the coachee to express more of their full potential. 3CM focuses on a very practical and experiential approach to coaching.  Rather than being a teacher, advisor or content ‘expert’ (more commonly known as business coaching), the executive coach facilitates the coachee through an intensive and accelerated process of professional and personal development.  We see executive coaching as a collaborative, three-way relationship between the coach, the coachee, and the coachee’s organisation (usually represented by an individual who ‘sponsors’ the coaching engagement such as the coachee’s manager).

Sometimes called business coaching, executive coaching is a structured conversation with a measurable outcome that is collaborative and in the service of the person being coached.  Coaching conversations identify strengths and challenges and guide a coaching counterpart towards reaching their potential at work.

The coaching relationship is framed within an adult learning cycle that encourages a systematic, solution-focused process of:

  • Goal - by setting goals so to agree on set objectives of each of the sessions
  • Reality - by inviting self assessment, discarding irrelevant history and offering specific examples of feedback
  • Options - by exploring the full range of options, why they have been chosen and what is the impact and the consequences
  • What's next - by identifying possible obstacles and commit to taking action that ensures sustainable behaviour change
  • Tactics - by identifying how to overcome the obstacles so to achieve the 'will'
  • Habits -  by reflecting to make sense of these changes in terms of new understandings, the coachee’s initial goals, the desired organisational results and the coachee’s long-term, personal potential.

The Essential Qualities of a 3CM Executive Coach

We recognise that the essential qualities of an executive coach are the ability to:

  • Understand the process of executive coaching and the importance of the RELATIONSHIP
  • Understand and value the ETHICAL issues of executive coaching
  • Manage their own PHYSICAL and MENTAL state
  • Manage their EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE in the workplace
  • Takes PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY to listen and ask powerful questions
  • Assess the client's desire and passion for CHANGE
  • Build trust and balance the dichotomy between TRUST and CHALLENGE
  • Hold the coachee to their PERSONAL COMMITMENT to action.

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