ONE vision - Senior Team Alignment Process

The Overall Focus of 'ONE vision' is on Business Results

ONE vision is a fast-track coaching programme for CEOs and other leaders seeking to align their team behind a common set of strategic objectives.

Based on over 30 years of research and experience, Intégro has found that alignment is one of the key factors driving the success of the best performing companies. Different individual styles and skill-sets are of course an asset in any team – but they need to be pointing to the same vision to ensure they are a constructive force.

Unaligned behaviour saps energy, kills productivity, creates confusion, and breeds cynicism.

Aligned behaviour empowers you to accelerate decision-making and change, builds confidence and trust in your team, creates an environment of increased accountability, personal responsibility and performance.

This new-found alignment within your team will filter throughout the entire organisation, implementing the vision at all levels.

What makes ONE vision unique?

We don’t just talk about alignment, we actually measure it.

Intégro have created a unique measurement tool that provides insight and data on the alignment and trust levels of your team and identifies the key areas for change. Once clear on the current state, 3CM is able to tailor a specific process around your team’s unique needs, vision and strategic objectives. The measurement tool also enables you to track progress over time.

ONE vision has been developed to fast-track change, designed to see results in as little as five weeks.

Getting There is Feasible, but it Takes Commitment. 

ONE vision
The Overall Focus is on Business Results
This is not a soft skills team building programme. It is a series of challenging discussions about the future of the organisation and the leadership the senior team must provide for the organisation to achieve its strategic objectives.

What outcomes will I see?

  • A comprehensive needs analysis

  • Team alignment behind a clear common vision

  • Increased accountability and personal responsibility

  • Increased levels of self and team awareness

  • Increased levels of trust among team members

  • Faster and more effective decision-making

  • A common language for clearer communication

  • A consistent message throughout the organisation

  • Achievement of strategic business imperatives

  • A clear ROI.

How much time do I need to allow?

The faciltated component of ONE vision is five half-day sessions, typically covered over five weeks. This format enables your team to get maximum traction in the minimal amount of time – supporting the fast-tracking of results from a more collaborative and aligned team. We respect the often busy schedule of many leaders and senior executives and we do adapt the timing of this process to suit your teams’ unique needs.

Our's a process NOT an event

3CM’s unique, end to end fully integrated approach to organisational improvement drives consulting interventions from issue identification to action and business results.

Phase 1| Pre-Work Planning and Preparation

PROCESS Overview

1.  PRE-WORK COMPREHENSIVE NEEDS ANALYSIS - to be completed prior to commencement of ONE vision

Diagnostic Assessments:

  1. Team Alignment Survey
  2. Flexibility and Trust Survey
  3. Everything DiSC Work of Leaders


A one hour meeting with the CEO or Team Leader or Stakeholders to debrief the results of the TAS


30 - 45 minute interviews with each team member prior to commencing the process

Phase 2 | High Performance Learning Process

ONE vision. Five Half-Day Sessions
Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Session 5


Taking the pulse on the team's leadership effectiveness


Using Trust-Based Leadership to increase trust in the team and the organisation


Ensuring all senior team members are commited to the organisation's purpose and core values


Building a culture in which all employees are responsible and accountable


Crafting a new vision for the team using three drivers from Everything DiSC Work of Leaders

Follow-up Meeting with CEO or Team Leader Follow-up Meeting with CEO or Team Leader Follow-up Meeting with CEO or Team Leader Follow-up Meeting with CEO or  Team Leader Follow-up Meeting with CEO or Team Leader

Phase 3 | High Performance Coaching

Coaching for Sustainability
Your 3CM Leadership Coach will meet with each team member for two, one hour sessions to monitor and support the implementation After the individual coaching sessions there will be a two hour team coaching session to debrief a second Team Alignment Survey

The 3CM and Integro association

Intégro Leadership Institute is a leadership development consulting firm, providing solutions for an international array of organisations ranging from Fortune Global 500 companies to government institutions and not-for-profits.

Through decades of experience, research, and analysis, Intégro has developed a range of programmes, models, surveys, and analytical frameworks that help organisations transform the performance of leaders and employees at all levels. It is by creating these processes as leadership consultants that enables a clear  view of each and every facet of an organisation. 3CM is fully accredited to deliver DiSC products, and enjoys a long standing association of delivering high performance.

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Learning Strategy

Transference of LearningDeveloping a High Performance Culture

Our courses are highly participative workshops and project forums in the true sense.  You'll have an opportunity to explore issues and practice skills during individual and group activities (Action Learning).  We believe that the most beneficial elements of our workshops are your opportunities to perform the new skills and receive feedback (not only from the facilitator, but from your peers as well).

We use “Action learning”, as a process in which groups of learners collaborate to solve actual workplace problems. In this way, organisations benefit from gaining solutions to critical challenges and participants benefit by learning from their experiences.

We follow a quick pace in our workshops so expect a high-content, high-involvement, high-energy programme.  We'll use checklists, handouts, questionnaires, learning guides, worksheets and workbooks, and samples of templates to provide you with tangible guidance in developing new skills.  Numerous tips and techniques are contained in the course materials and reinforced during exercises.  The focus and efficiency you gain from the workshop will reduce your extra workload.

To summarise – our approach is to do it rather than talk about it.

Learning Methodologies

Assessment Centre - Diagnostics Tools

  • DiSC® Psychometric Behavioural Assessments
  • EBW Business EQ Assessments
  • P8 Organisation Culture Assessments
  • TIA Trust Inside Teams Assessments
  • The 5 Behaviours of Cohesive Team Assessment
  • Competency Based Assessments
  • Learning Style Assessment

Learning Delivery

  • Facilitated sessions by high callibre practitioners
  • Case studies that are relevant, practical and applied
  • Guided discussion, rather then theory and textbook
  • Syndicate work, collaborative and applicable to real workplace situations
  • Workplace projects linked to strategic and operational imperatives

Support for Blended Learning

  • Learning Resources (including high quality 3CM designed templates and handouts)
  • Learner Workbooks and Worksheets
  • eLearning (flexible and blended approach)
  • Webinars
  • Coaching (3CM’s coaching can increase transference of learning from 20% to 88%)
  • Formative and summative assessments

Your Guarantee of Quality

Since 1991, 3CM have met stringent AQTF requirements; programmes are covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If we fail to meet your expectations, contact us and we will negotiate corrective action.


Five Half-Day Sessions plus Individual and Team Coaching

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Units of Competency

  • []: The Current State
  • []: Building Trust From The Inside
  • []: Getting On The Bus
  • []: Building A High Performance Culture
  • []: Crafting A Vision

Customised InCompany Learning

We can customise individual workshops, a combination of workshops, or one of our certification programs to give you a relevant and applied methodology. Tailored or fully customised to meet your specific workforce development needs.

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