"3CM is more than just a training provider. They have provided the platform for our transformation towards a learning organisation, focused on excellence and with a committment to provide a quality service"

Michael Farmer, ex BHP Worsley Alumina Pty Ltd


By definition, consulting is a flexible, dynamic process that never repeats itself. 3CM's consulting services helps organisations achieve business improvement and high performance.  Drawing on research, highly rated diagnostic tools and experience, 3CM delivers insights and puts them into action. 3CM has a number of experienced facilitators and high performance management consultants, who draw on a vast range of processes to identify key issues, customise a specific business solution and assist in efficient and effective implementation.

Our performance improvement work is at the heart of what we do. Our FIVE step approach ensures clients achieve operational and leadership excellence. Typically, we start by using comprehensive business diagnostics to identify the key levers for improving performance in a given situation. For the key priorities to improve performance, we define specific goals and action plans. Then we use the most relevant resources for each action plan to deliver results.

3CM's ACTCA Process

There are FIVE unique steps in the consultation process, each of our defined solutions can be used individually if requested to achieve narrower outcomes, or used comprehensively to improve overall business objectives...each dimension underpinning those that follow:

Step 1: ASSESSMENT (Diagnostic)

The first step is Assessment to diagnose and understand our clients' business challenges and opportunities, and identify the current issues and future levels of development required for each business unit , team and individual.  Gain a detailed understanding of the procedures, systems and customer management, using online diagnostic tools, research, audit and training records.  Gain a full appreciation of the issues and policy requirements; in order to advise the most appropriate approach.

Step 2: CONSULTING The second step is to share our expertise in resolving the issues identified within the client business and the development of the appropriate training/education/systems and methodologies required for success. Interpret the data and information to fully understand the business dynamics and reasons behind the performance, and to identify areas of improvement. Integrated Action Planning Software to drive best practice action and improvements at all levels. Learn more about our strategy development, or instructional design, here.
Step 3: TRAINING The third step focuses on a couple of important areas, firstly on Learning and Development modules so that we increase the skills, knowledge and capabilities of participants. Secondly, the introduction of knowledge and methodologies selected to deliver the clients development/growth objectives by integrating business growth imperatives through workplace projects for each participant to achieve an ROI. Learn more about our training services here.
Step 4: COACHING The on-the-Job follow up Coaching step is critical to ensure that the learning content is implemented and reinforced in the field and not left in the ‘classroom’.  The Coaching cements the transition from ‘theoretical’ to ‘practical’ application of the newly acquired behaviours, knowledge and skills, and importantly secures your ROI.  Work with management and staff in quality design and development to ensure recommendations are implemented effectively. Tracking and monitoring progress to keep the improvement process on track and address issues. Learn more about our Coaching services here.
Step 5: ASSESSMENT (Summative) This step measures results and performance by Re-assessing your Teams, Leaders and Managers level of capability, inspiration and engagement. This is achieved through a selection of either face-to-face Interview; on the job observations or demonstration; psychometric testing; third party validations; competency based; work place projects.  Assist performance, identify strengths and development opportunities, and recognise attained competencies. Develop further practical solutions and recommendations to enable the business and its staff to meet their future target objectives.

3CM has considerable expertise in a wide range of organisations and contexts. Businesses striving for growth or that extra performance edge turn to 3CM, utilising our Customised Learning Solutions.

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