Change Management

“Shockingly, change initiatives succeed a mere 10% of the time. If change is the cornerstone of your strategy, and it should be, this is the business intelligence you wont want to miss.”


Build Readiness for Change at all Levels

Change management is one of the top leadership issues in today’s business world, because the need to become more adaptive is growing across all organisations and industries. The accountability to identify and make the changes necessary to ensure continued competitiveness is at the top of every senior manager’s agenda.

Your ability to plan and prepare, collaborate, influence and communicate change strategies within your organisation will significantly influence your success in implementing any change process. To be successful, you will need the buy-in of the whole team or organisation, and the development of appropriate commercial or business literacy skills.

At this point, the effect of the leadership team and the whole organisation understanding the gap required to be closed in most cases, is significant.  To enable this to happen requires people to move into a state of chaos.  In most cases, change is historically managed poorly, resulting in negligible performance improvements, loss of credibility, and an overall waste of both financial and human resources.  One could say, that the understanding of the need to lead and manage change effectively is absent!

Recognising that the natural response to this chaos is resistance is essential.  Facilitating effective change management means responding to this resistance by creating a sense of order and stability where possible.  Managing change requires three key phases to enable a planned approach.  These key phases are outlined in the diagram (© Prosci 2005).

Change Management Model
Three Key phases The Approach

Phase 1 - Preparing for Change

  1. Define your change management strategy
  2. Prepare your change management team
  3. Develop your sponsorship model

Phase 2 - Managing Change

  1. Develop change management plans
  2. Take action and implement plans

Phase 3 - Reinforcing Change

  1. Collect and analyze feedback
  2. Diagnose gaps and manage resistance
  3. Implement corrective action

The process will involve looking at several key components of change that must be aligned to ensure that the ‘blueprint’ for change is ‘achieved’. 3CM’s consultants develop the capability of people (particularly leadership group), execution of change strategies.

Every client’s blueprint is unique...

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