Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

What is Operational Excellence?

OE is an element of Operational Leadership (that stresses the application of a variety of principles, systems and tools toward the sustainable improvement of key performance metrics)

OE is difficult to define; some descriptions are too broad and others set parameters so narrow that the ultimate definitions seems too focused in scope, such as “Being world class,” “Being the best globally,” or “Excellence in everything we do,” but are too difficult to translate into practical action

To properly define OE, we need to first ask some tough questions about the nature of the Continuous Improvement (CI) and the ability to lead and lead change

·         Award winning rigs, which means that the team is at the top of its game with a rig that has its own DNA – my thoughts are that 'teams at the top are the most difficult to lead but also the most powerful’

·         Properly defining OE is the important, but often overlooked, first step in an organisation’s journey (in this case the integration of two) to industry-leading performance. Without an actionable and measurable definition of OE with TOI, it will be impossible to align an organisation around a new way of doing business and focus on achieving results.

·         In my view, OE should be simply focused on consistent and reliable execution.

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