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Shifting The Landscape of Business...the 3CM way

Planning an innovative event or are you looking for someone to influence, educate, inspire and motivate your team?

Creating memorable, impactful world-class events that deeply influence the way people feel, think and behave is 3CM's forte. With proven experience across multiple industries, the 3CM team deliver keynotes, facilitates profoundly engaging workshops and seminars, inspires teams with his leadership speaking skills, as well as commanding the audience. With this immense experience as a master trainer and educator he can also work with your conference speakers and panelists to ensure they deliver powerful, relevant and engaging presentations at your next corporate events.

Having worked with Boards, Executives and Leadership Teams since the late 1990's, the 3CM team have facilitated sessions on:

  • Leadership Strategy Creation & Renewal
  • Purpose Driven Organisation
  • What Keeps You Awake At Night?
  • Purpose-led Leadership Development
  • ONE vision - senior team alignment
  • What is Attention to Detail?
  • Building High Performance Teams
  • Leadership Away-days/ Off-site
  • Business Emotional Intelligence for Teams
  • Business Emotional Intelligence for Leaders
  • Organisational Effectiveness Profile
  • Project Alignment & Engagement
  • Employee Engagement Profile
  • Managing Change & Implementation
  • Cultural Operating System
  • Lead Operational Excellence
  • Leading a Customer Centric Culture
  • Communication Styles
  • The Performance Edge
  • Trust & Flexibility Inside


  • The 8 Barriers of Teamwork

3CM sees leadership through the lens of your business and knows getting outstanding results requires outstanding purpose-led leaders..The 3CM team will ensure that they understand your objectives as well as the cultural dynamics and economic, competitive and strategic contexts the outcomes need to be achieved within. 3CM will deliver an engagement which will be provocotive, informative, galvanising, encouraging and steeped bonding to the degree necessary to fulfill the objectives.George and our facilitators are known for:


Engaging your people right from the start with master class techniques

  • Engaging stories that persuade and influence, and even the most difficult participants
  • More than anything else understanding the target audience for a plain and relevant language pitch
  • Driving towards full engagement, alignment and commitment in developing strategic plans
  • Dynamically capture ideas and input on large wall hung templates
  • Centre group work around prepared templates that focus discussion and result in extraordinary outcomes

A professional facilitation service that injects creativity and lightness into meetings and workshops

  • Are your meetings and workshops dull and boring; dominated by endless PowerPoint? (George hates them!)
  • Do you have difficulty getting attendees involved in discussions or decision making?
  • Would you like more creative and dynamic workshops with very memorable results?

Dare to ditch the projector, pull up the blinds and get your team engaged using paper and coloured markers! Graphic facilitation involves capturing on large sheets of wall hung paper, in words and colourful images, people’s ideas and comments as they are being spoken in the moment.

Who is FACILITATING Your Next Leadership Offsite?

Elicit Real Outcomes with George Sawiris and his team

For more information about how about how your meetings and workshops can be facilitated with a new level of creativity, please contact us now.

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