Strategy Development

Strategy is hard work...

And you need to know that 71% of B2B customers aren't engaged, and

77% of employees in Australia aren't engaged at work...what's your strategy?

The benefits of having an external facilitator working with the senior management team are well established. 3CM has a team of skilled and experienced consultants who can work with you one-on-one to analyse your planning process and/or the plan itself.

Our consultants facilitate planning meetings with staff to reach tangible outcomes.

  • Survived the global economic whirlpool and realise they have to do things differently or better, or face a journey of consequences
  • Faced with increasing demand to deliver short term financial performance without destroying long term growth and value of the company
  • Had exponential growth in the past few years, and are looking to sustain this growth without losing control
  • Looking to penetrate either into Asia Pacific and/or expand Nationally, without 'growing backwards'
  • In a market under increasing competitive threat and/or whose share is in danger of declining

"Real strategic change requires inventing new categories, not rearranging old ones."

How our Strategy Development Will Benefit You

At 3CM, we have High Level Strategic Management consultants and advisors, who can assist in Re-Defining or Re-Shaping, Communicating and/or Executing your business strategy to:

  • Prevent you from 'growing backwards' or 'growing broke'
  • Help your people understand your strategy and how to action the implementation
  • Identify what are your next growth opportunities and where they will come from
  • Launch new products / services effectively and profitably, by ensuring your customers will accept your offerings

"Sometimes strategies must be left as broad visions, not precisely articulated, so to be agile and adapt to a changing environment."

So, if your people are

  • Working harder but not getting in front
  • Are frustrated or ineffective or worse still...completely disengaged (even detached)
  • Are not capable and/or don't have the skills to change
  • Seen by your customers as a 'Product Supplier' when you need to be a 'Value Adding Solution Partner'
  • Fragmented and disconnected by departmental walls and silos
  • Know they need to change but not sure how to plan/manage/reinforce the change strategy, or
  • Where to from here, without risking today's business and losing ground

"Real strategists get their hands dirty digging for ideas, and real strategies are built from the nuggets they uncover."

Our Approach

Our approach will be tailored to your individual business and market place, however, it will generally involve the following steps:

  • Meet with key / senior executives to define your company’s value proposition, identify and create your operational, sales, marketing & product strategies
  • Identify the key drivers & successful factors
  • Survey your people for engagement and alignment on the THREE elements and NINETEEN drivers of your organisation
  • Establish industry performance and benchmarking your company against your peers
  • Identify the most profitable & logical way to grow either organically or through mergers & acquisitions or joint venture with other business partners
  • Develop & validate the road map for the business
  • Build a step by step execution plan to deliver on the agreed business objectives
  • Coach your people through the required changes and execution

"Our planners make their greatest contribution around the strategy-making process rather than inside it." - George Sawiris

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