Workforce Development Planning

WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT...a focus on business results

To meet the challenges of increased demand for skilled labour, the State Government has developed Skilling WA — A workforce development plan for Western Australia (Skilling WA), a framework to build, attract and retain a skilled workforce and ensure that Western Australia has the capacity and capability for continued economic success.

Essential tools for workforce planning and development

Workforce planning and development are essential tools that enable business owners and managers to measure the effectiveness of their workforces and plan for the future.

The planning process allows owners and managers to be confident their employees have the skills and qualifications to meet the specific, unique needs of the business. Workforce development is a central outcome from workforce planning, shaping business strategies using practical tools and programs for individual development.

Government Support

The Australian Government provides support for workforce development in the form of co-contributions to eligible Australian businesses under Skills Connect’s workforce development programs.

  • Skills Connect Fund
  • Funding programs available through Skills Connect

Australian Government funding programs support training, up-skilling and re-skilling for language, literacy and numeracy, specific additional training to suit business needs, assistance with retaining and retraining mature employees, and with mentoring and supporting Australian Apprentices.

Our Approach

3CM identifies workforce skill gaps and related issues from the workforce planning process, prioritises the gaps, incorporates existing workforce development strategies, designs new workforce development strategies, maps back to strategic business imperatives and assists with the implementation by allocating resources, responsibilities and timelines.

Workforce development bridges the gap between the current workforce and the desired workforce forecast. 

At 3CM, we have High Level Strategic Management consultants and advisors, who can assist in Re-Engineering, Communicating and/or Executing your WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT PLAN to provide:

Gap closing strategies for:
Workforce Attraction Workforce Capabilities Workforce Capacity Workforce Retention
Competency Frameworks Competency Profiles Core Competencies Leadership Competencies
Staff Development Professional Development Organisational Development Leadership Development
Team Development Talent Development Learning and Development Knowledge Management
Skills Profiling Transition Implementation Mentoring

Workforce skills development is all forms of learning and skills acquisition.

Vocational Education Training (VET) Assessment and Learning relates to formal learning and assessment against units of competency and qualifications from National Training Packages or accredited courses through 3CM or a specialist Registered Training Organisation.

Business ROI...a better rate of return than most other investements in business

Research shows that workforce development delivers a better rate of return than most other investments in business. Training can help employees realise their potential and it leads to increased capacity for innovation, new work practices and a potential for increased productivity.

Workforce planning and development will empower you to:

  • Understand current and future skills needs
  • Understand employee demographics, career aspirations and learning needs
  • Manage employee numbers
  • Manage and develop organisational and individual performance
  • Increase safe production
  • Increase employee engagement and retention
  • Develop strategies to encourage the development and use of new skills
  • Workforce planning enables business owners and managers to review and strengthen their workforces to respond to sudden change. This often involves specific training to build employees’ skills and capabilities, making them integral to improved business performance.

Taking the Next Step

Businesses are able to access advice through FREE one-on-one advisory session and FREE advice over the phone on the areas of workforce planning and improving flexibility of workplaces to enable businesses to be adaptable to changing economic conditions.

Upon discussing your requirements, we can:

  • Work with you to assess your businesses current workplace flexibility and identify improvement opportunities to ensure your business can attract and retain the workforce you need.
  • Supply you with a workforce planning tool designed to allow you to identify the workforce trends currently occurring in your business to ensure your business is adaptable to changing conditions.
  • Provide you with a tailored package of information on the support, resources and tools available to assist you improve your workplace to employ people from diversity groups.

To book in a free advisory session please call us on 1300 159 000 or Contact Us >>>

A range of seminars/workshops will also be held throughout the year in both metro and regional areas for businesses to gain an understanding of the benefits of workforce planning and improving flexibility and diversity of workplaces.

The Workforce Development services provided by 3CM are eligible for funding by the Australian Government.

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