Benefits of Using the EBW Business EQ System


The EBW Emotional Intelligence Psychometric System for Business provides you with a straight forward approach to quickly benchmark, understand and develop key emotions and behaviours at work that impact on success. Its focus is on Business Emotional Intelligence (Business EQ Model) and how it affects performance.

This intuitive tool resonates with business leaders and teams, with its engaging accessible business language and focused approach to changing the way people work together, it allows you to quickly build trust and buyin with stakeholders.

The EBW System assists you in making better choices about where individuals are more likely to succeed. It identifies who to recruit and how to develop individuals to make the best use of their capabilities and Business EQ. 

It has a unique 10 step highly effective coaching framework which is logical, easy to understand and with the EBW innovative practical exercises ensures you can improve occupational performance.

With a practitioners network based on 6 continents, all of whom are licensed to use the EBW System, we guarantee the EBW Emotional Intelligence approach empowers leaders and teams to transform themselves and their organisations. 

Key Benefits Overview

The EBW System and its programmes (Recruiting for potentialCoaching for successHigh performing teams, Leadership Transformation etc), enables you to offer a credible and cost effective methodology that changes how people work together by providing:

  • Better self insight & personal responsibility for performance
  • Better decision making and risk assessment
  • Enhanced communication & cultural awareness
  • Increased mental toughness
  • Enhanced responses to the emotions and behaviours of others
  • Improvement in management & leadership
  • More efficient team work
  • More effective organisation
  • Better business results!

The EBW Psychometric System Features

  • An administration system that is fully manageable on-line
  • EBW assessments (tests) that are completed in less than 20 minutes - saves screening costs & management time
  • Benchmarking against performance e.g. senior managers, IT graduates etc.
  • EBW Reports for a variety of business applications and levels, that are easy to understand, written by Business Psychologists
  • Assessments (tests) available in multi-languages (including Chinese, Korean and Arabic)
  • An Online Knowledge Library with white papers, practical support materials and workshop programmes
  • EBW Technical and User Manuals
  • A psychometric system and methodology that is continually updated with the latest research on Business Emotional Intelligence
  • A psychometric system that is designed to be fair and perceived as fair by all users (avoids age, religion, disability, race and gender/sexuality bias)

Read more about the features, training standards and different levels for the EBW Psychometric System


Technical and Service Support

  • Regular service calls and newsletters
  • Social networking groups (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook)
  • Free online technical support
  • Regular updates to system and support manuals
  • Friendly personal assistance
  • Support by Business Psychologists

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