Coaching for Success


The 3CM and Business Emotional Intelligence System and it's highly effective 10 step coaching framework enables leaders to develop the 8 components of Business EQ  that improve occupational performance.

Through using the 3CM System, when coaching, organisations across the globe are more effective by:

  • Increasing leaders awareness of their impact and understanding of others
  • Effectively supporting the induction or appointment of a senior person into a new role.
  • Accelerating the personal development of 'high potential' individuals.
  • Underpinning the implementation of organisation change, through supporting teams and leaders.
  • Developing individuals engaged in wider personal effectiveness programmes (converting good managers into outstanding leaders)

Working with you, and using the 3CM System, we coach on the components of Business Emotional Intelligence, raising leadership/management performance and accelerating the success of the individual (and business).

The 3CM coaching process is designed to suit individuals' needs and can range from three 90 min intensive sessions up to ten sessions over a period of a year.

3CM is part of a practitioners network based on 6 continents, all of whom are licensed to use the EBW System, we guarantee the EBW Emotional Intelligence approach empowers leaders and teams to transform themselves and their organisations.

Why coach using the EBW System?

For organisations...

The EBW System provides a transparent model of development, ensuring the budget holder can measure the benefit of the coaching intervention (ROI).

For individuals...

The EBW System provides a straightforward methodology where they can immediately identify which emotions and behaviours are inhibitors and activators to effective performance.


The EBW System: 

  • Focuses on emotions and behaviours that underpin organisational or individual needs. e.g. leadership potential, management of relationships, motivation to succeed, mental toughness, etc.
  • Enables benchmarking against peers (Directors, CEOs) allowing individuals to see how their management of their emotions and behaviours affects others and hence their potential for success in different situations.
  • Develops self awareness and uncovers blind spots that cause career derailment.
  • Builds a quicker understanding of how emotions impact on performance through the use of the EBW business language
  • Uses tried and tested EBW experiential exercises to embed the learning from the coaching sessions.

The EBW System Coaching benefits:

Enables forward-looking organisations to access the power of emotions to create better leaders and more productive teams through:

  • Better self insight & personal responsibility for performance
  • Increased self awareness and understanding others
  • More effective relationship management
  • Better goal setting
  • Improved decision making and risk assessment
  • Enhanced communication and influencing skills
  • Lower stress levels and better management of emotions
  • Creates a common business language for individual and organisational development

Why It Works

The 3CM structured, focused and straightforward approach ensures individuals develop their Business Emotional Intelligence quickly, enabling them to have an immediate impact in their role.

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