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Some people have been conditioned to believe that emotions are not welcome in the workplace and that leadership performance is all about cold, logical, financial understanding and decision making.

Leadership research tells us that the lack of interpersonal skills and the inability to adapt are the two principal derailment factors in leadership careers.

With leaders in organisations spending up to 80% of their time talking and understanding others, changing the nature of how people communicate and work with each other can be the single most powerful way a leader can bring about performance breakthroughs.

For leaders and managers, understanding and gaining an accurate insight into how emotions impact on performance and being able to do something with that knowledge (developing and using their EQ) is now recognised as the key to realising the full potential of an organisation's human capital.

Now, more than ever, Emotional Intelligence is becoming the "new yardstick" by which leaders are being evaluated.

The EBW Emotional Intelligence System enables leaders to:

  • Objectively benchmark their emotions and behaviours against leaders in other industries
  • Develop their own ability to behave as high-performing team members
  • Manage critical emotions & behaviours, create higher levels of engagement and commitment to organisational objectives.
  • Analyse relationships with others in the work environment
  • Change organisational patterns of emotions and behaviours that interfere with strategic objectives
  • Identify management style and what form is likely to be effective for motivation, delegation, support and discipline
  • Uncover blind spots that stop the development of leadership potential
  • Use a common language for developing and expanding the whole leadership culture to enhance global performance.

Benefits of the EBW Business Emotional Intelligence System for Leaders & Managers

  • Improvement in leadership by benchmarking critical emotions and behaviours against success indicators
  • Better self insight & personal responsibility for performance
  • Better decision making and risk assessment
  • Enhanced communication & cultural awareness
  • Increased mental toughness
  • More efficient team work
  • More effective organisations
  • Better business results!

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