"It's about being comfortable, about being uncomfortable..." 

A study from BTS and the Economist Intelligence Unit titled Cracking the Code to Successful Strategy Execution showed that companies with great leaders significantly outperform their peers. Yet it is a well-known fact that most corporate leadership training and development programmes are ineffective and fail.  We have identified the common culprits behind why most leadership development initiatives fail to support company strategies and business results, but more importantly we have defined the success factors and a new approach that helps companies and their leaders achieve great performance and execution.

We believe it’s time for business leaders to measure the investment and development of their leaders – arguably the most valuable asset of their business – at every level. And we know that when you “Define Great, Assess Great, Experience Great and Execute Great,” you can move the mean on leadership performance and strategy execution in your company.

The context for today’s leaders has significantly changed from years past. Traditional leadership styles and approaches are changing rapidly. Leaders today are faced with new levels of complexity derived from:

  • increasing and changing technologies

  • demographic changes including managing across multiple generations

  • managing competing requirements – local, regional and global stakeholders

  • constant change - from new regulatory requirements to internal restructures

  • working across cultural, geographic and economic boundaries, and

  • an economic climate that requires we do more with less.

Challenging times. Unprecedented complexity. Increasing pace of change. In this environment, the leaders of today need different skills to survive and thrive. What is now critical to a leader’s success? Now, more than ever, the critical elements for a leader are:

  • Quality relationships,

  • Quality connections,

  • Quality results, and

  • Quality conversations and (the ability to have crucial conversations).

3CM can work with you to develop the necessary leadership skills programme, awareness and traits in your leaders to ensure their success – as well as the success of their teams and your business as a whole.

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Why choose 3CM to manage your leadership development needs?

  1. Our blended learning approach (training + coaching) results in 88% transference of learning for immediate workplace application

  2. 3CM’s emphasis is on practical, transformative learning – not simply transmissive or transactional learning

  3. 3CM has been a qualified registered training organisation (RTO) delivering nationally recognised training since 1991 (more)

  4. We embed proven world-class methodology used by Fortune 500 companies into our training programmes. Methodology such as world class psychometrics a the UK based EBW Business Emotional Intelligence assessments, the Australian OEP Organisational Effectiveness Profiling system, as well as the MBTI and DiSC profiling from the US.


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