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What is Cultural Operating System (COS)?

Considering how much we depend on our gadgets and toys for our daily musings, the phrase operating system is very familiar. It is a set of rules that governs how those gadgets work, and it is the key to how they can perform the tasks that they are set for.

This also applies to organisations who strive to become successful at what they do. Cultural Operating System is a phrase used to describe a set of rules that guide the behaviour of employees when they enter high-stakes meeting, react to abrupt organisational changes, or deciding what they do with discretionary time. It is also worth noting that unlike electrical operating system, that relies on written rules, COS is driven by a combination of both written and unwritten rules.

Why is COS Important?

COS can be a crucial determinant of an organisation's success. Leaders who invest in fostering a potent cultural system that enables their organisational strategy reap daily rewards for their investment. On the other hand, CEOs who have failed to instill a productive COS will allow unwritten rules to fill the void, creating a disruptive internal force.

Studies have suggested that a well-designed COS will be responsible for 400 to 500 percent increase in revenue, income and share price growth when compared with organisations with less effective COS. This also leads to a reduction of workplace occupational, health and safety incidents.

How to Create a Powerful COS?

Four key skills are needed to achieve a successful COS. When these things are present, conditions are at its optimum to breed a powerful COS. These skills are:

  1. Personal: Self-Directed Change.
  2. Interpersonal: Open Dialogue.
  3. Team: 360 accountability.
  4. Organisational: Influential Leadership


To obtain these four skills, 3CM offers training programs that can be tailored specifically to your organisations needs. These programs will ensure that your organisation's COS will be developed and implemented successfully. These programs are:

  1. Critical Conversations
  2. Critical Accountability
  3. Influencer
  4. Critical Change

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    Enhance Accountability, Improve Performance, and Ensure Execution

    Critical Accountability Companion Course
    Training Industry Leader Provides One-Day Companion Course to Critical Conversations Training

    Critical Accountability training offers a step-by-step process to enhance accountability, improve performance, and ensure execution. By learning how to talk about violated expectations in a way that solves problems while improving relationships, you'll improve individual, team and organisational effectiveness.

  • Managing Critical Change

    The New Science of Business Success

    If you're like most people, you're stuck in one or more areas of your life or career and want to change. You think you just lack willpower.  The truth is, there are six powerful yet subtle sources of influence that shape your daily choices.  This acclaimed 1 day workshop will explain and transform what they are and how you can make them work in your favour. Based on the latest social science research, it features fascinating real-life examples that will empower you to...MANAGING CRUCIAL CHANGE.

  • Coaching & Mentoring

    Coming soon...

  • Influencer

    A Focus on Organisational Influential Leadership...The How to 10X YOUR INFLUENCE

    named The Change Management Approach of the Year...by MIT Sloan Management Review