Leadership Development Core Practices

We See Leadership Through the Lens of Your Business and Know Getting Outstanding Results Requires Oustanding Purpose-Led Leaders

Leadership Development is essential to the success of organisations. No matter what metrics you use, companies with effective leaders execute better and deliver more powerful, tangible business results. Working with thousands of leaders in diverse organisations since 1991, 3CM has been able to discern and distill the keys to successful leadership development:

  • Leaders who are engaged in developing their people are more effective at setting expectations, linking learning to strategic priorities, and providing relevant coaching;
  • Business Emotional Intelligence and Experiential Learning work across leadership styles, learning styles, and geographic or cultural boundaries;
  • Customised leadership development programmes tie learning back to real-world business strategies, competencies, and culture;
  • A blended combination of instructor-led classroom leadership development with online and coaching programmes create the most significant long-term impact;
  • Leadership development programmes need to be sustainable, delivered globally, translated into local languages and business norms.

Our Definition of Leadership Development -

sound strategy x operational excellence = leading performance

There are many, and often differing, leadership development definitions. Through experience with clients and synthesising some top leading authorities, we do, however, subscribe to a set of core assumptions in approaching a definition:

Leadership development expands the capacity of individuals to perform in demanding leadership roles within organisations.

Leadership roles are those that craft a future vision, facilitate execution of a company’s strategy through: building alignment, winning mindshare for positive engagement and growing the capabilities of others.

Leadership roles may be formal, with the corresponding authority to make decisions and take responsibility, or they may be informal roles with little official authority (e.g., a member of a team who influences team engagement, purpose and direction; a lateral peer who must listen and negotiate through influence).

The percentage of people who demonstrate NO LEADERSHIP ABILITIES whatsoever is: 0.00013%

Leadership skills can be taught. Developing outstanding leadership is a journey not an event. And leadership development is essential across the organisation. In order to drive strategy execution, it’s important to meet the needs of leaders at different levels of the organisation.

Leaders and Managers...driving strategy execution

Strategic execution is always realised through people.  The largest group with the opportunity to impact the alignment, engage mindset and capabilities of others around a strategy are an organisation's leaders. Managers and Supervisors, along with their direct reports, either directly or indirectly, touch every single customer. And yet through our clients work, we've found that leaders are woefully underserved:

  • In a study by Bersin and Associates, only 27% of the organisation studied actaully linked their management development to strategic results. The research found that the majority of organisations relied upon a patchwork of disparate training courses linked to personal development, rather than the 27% who used an integrated learning approach to tied to business imperatives and outcomes.
  • Additionally, research shows that organisations spend far more on the development of executives and technical specialists (23% and 25% respectively of training budgets) than on its critical audience of managers (9%).

The following are some Frontline Leaders Development Initiatives we have addressed:

 Leaders & Managers Development  
  • The New Supervisor
  • Leadership in the Workplace
  • Communication Styles
  • Self Management
  • Alignment and Engagement to Strategy
  • Delivering Customer Value
  • Contribute to Risk Management
  • Contribute to Safety Management
  • Safety Leadership
  • Regulatory Accountabilities & Responsibilities
  • The Psychology of Selling
  • The Psychology of Customer Service
  • Behavioural Assessment
  • Management Styles
  • Leadership Styles
  • Operational Excellence
  • Attention to Detail
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Developing People and Teams
  • Coaching
  • Training and Assessment for Supervisors
  • High Impact Presentation Skills
  • Effective Meetings
  • Performance Management
  • Competency Assessment

Mid-Level Managers...purpose-led alignment and engagement

One of the greatest challenges for leaders is when they are promoted from leading others to being the manager of managers.  Mid-Level leaders often have some of the largest spans of control, multiple teams, and are accountable for large budgets abd developing a talent pool while wielding significant influence in the organisation.  Their leadership reality includes ever increasing complexity of being "caught in the middle of crossfire to execute for all their internal customers."

To be effective, these leaders must intepret, translate and communicate the strategy that has been crafted from the senior leadership team, balance the need to effectively influence and manage up down and across the organisation, lead their team so that they are aligned and engaged.  More importantly have the right mindset and the capabilities needed for successful execution of the company strategy.

The following are some Mid-Level Leader Development Initiatives we have addressed:

Mid-Level Leaders Development  
  • The New Manager
  • Work of Leaders - Vision | Alignment | Execution
  • Leadership Styles
  • Fast-Track Leadership Programme
  • Purpose-Led Leadership
  • Leading High Performance Teams
  • Leading Innovative Teams
  • Managing Budgets and Financial Plans
  • Managing Risk and Safety
  • Regulatory Accountabilities and Responsibilities
  • Business Emotional Intelligence for Teams
  • Business Emotional Intelligence for Leaders
  • Coaching and Mentoring for Managers
  • Alignment and Engagment to Organisation Purpose
  • Contribute to Strategic & Business Planning
  • Lead Operational Excellence
  • The Performance Edge
  • Presenting to Executives and Senior Management

Executive and Senior Leaders...purpose-led leadership

As leaders shift from functional/business unit to enterprise leader, they need to have the right vision, alignment mindset, and capabilities to create and lead the execution of strategy.  We recognise the imporatnce of setting your executive leaders, and thus your business, up for success using the 3CM framework with other proven and respected tools.

The following are some Executive Leader Development Initiatives we have addressed:

Executive Leaders Development  
  • Provide Leadership Across the Organisation
  • Develop Assessment & Learning Strategy
  • Leading a Customer Centric Culture
  • Leading a Cultural Operating System
  • ONE Vision | ONE Team - Senior Team Alignment
  • Project Alignment and Engagement
  • Mentoring
  • Purpose Driven Organisation
  • Employee Engagement Profiling
  • Talent and Succession Management
  • Competency Assessment
  • New Executive - The First 100 Days
  • Develop and Implement Strategic Plan
  • Strategic Management
  • Leading Organisational Renewal
  • Leadership Speaking
  • Business Emotional Intelligence for Leaders
  • Coaching for Senior Leaders
  • Creating a Culture for Innovation
  • Organisational Performance Profiling
  • Executive Team Effectiveness Profiling

Talent Management & Emerging Leaders

Faced with the highest expectations, the most challenging assignments, and the need to build effective teams quickly, leadership development is essential when it comes to ‘talented and emerging’ leaders. The group demands a different level of support and inspiration to hone leadership skills and increase agility.

We address high-potential leadership development areas such as advanced business acumen and leadership behaviours, and assess potential while preparing leaders for bigger, broader, and more senior roles.

The following are some Talent and Emerging Leader Development Initiatives we have addressed:

Talent Management & Emerging Leaders Development  
  • Management Behaviour Assessment
  • Coaching Skills for New Leaders
  • Developing a High Performance Team
  • Developing a Team Charter
  • Self Awareness
  • Customer-Driven Organisation
  • Work of Leaders
  • Fast-Track Leadership Development
  • How Managers Become Leaders
  • Business Emotional Intelligence for Leaders
  • Stress and Resilience
  • Leading with Purpose

Onboarding...managers first 100 days at every level

New employees are 69% more likely to stay at their jobs after three years if they've experienced a well-structured on-boarding programme. Rapid on-boarding orients new employees to an organisation, as it drives organisational transformation and change.

Successful on-boarding leads to accelerated productivity, improved retention and deeper bench strength, higher employee satisfaction, and engaged employees who execute on the organisation’s strategic objectives and deliver results. Hiring new employees is an investment and establishing a formal on-boarding process is essential. Whether the company has 100 people or 100,000, the lessons are the same. By coupling necessary skills with an emotional commitment to sustaining the company and its culture, on-boarding builds short- and long-term company value.

The following are some Onboarding Development Initiatives we have addressed, 3 Cultural Operating Focuses:

The Inner Focus The People Focus The Business Focus
  • Stepping into Personal Purpose
  • Self-awareness
  • Self-management
  • Guiding Values
  • Know your Limits
  • Setting Goals
  • Performance Acceleration
  • Culture of Purpose
  • Tuning in to People
  • Core Competencies
  • Motivation
  • Team Dynamics
  • Performance Profile
  • Alignment & Engagement
  • Organisational Purpose
  • Organisation Stragey
  • The Culture & Behaviour
  • The Economic Forces
  • The Strategic Intent
  • The Business Plan
  • The Systems & Processes
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