What are the Core Competencies of Leadership?

Do you have the right leaders in place to take your business where you want to go?

The cost of poor leadership is significant.

The cost of poor leadership is significant as per the Gallup State of the Global Workplace Report 2013, the findings on Australia has:

  • 60% of Australian employees are disengaged at work...a further 16% are actively disengaged.  

  • The cost to the economy of those actively disengaged?

  • $54.8 billion a year...how much is it costing your business?

I have heard it said that up to 60-80% of the culture of any organisation is determined by the leader and / or its leadership.

So, what are the characteristics of effective leadership?  I’m sure that the list below is non-exhaustive, but it has certainly made sense to me in terms of the individuals that I have seen who have been authentic and inspiring leaders. There are five major components to leadership as outlined below:



Integrity; personal credibility; telling the truth; Stephen Covey has written about the importance of leaders following principles in their daily behaviour.

Personal Capability

This is all about whether you have direct knowledge or hands-on skills in relation to the industry or area in which you might lead.

Focus on Results

It is one thing to set the vision for the company or group; it is another to assist them to get there.  Setting goals and providing the necessary support for the team to meet the targets is a key role for any leader.

Interpersonal Skill

Leaders need to be able to connect with their followers – and connect well. Of course, it is also about being task-oriented, but what’s the point of being so outcome oriented that you forget about your people?

Leading Organisation Renewal

Anything that does not grow on the planet dies and that goes for businesses as well.  Leaders need to be able to provide the vision to their people, as well as the strategy about how to arrive and achieve the final result.

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