3 Keys to Unlocking your Team’s ‘Talent Heroes’

Friday, 8 June 2018

What can you do to encourage more “Talent Heroes” to come forth from within your team? And, in the process, optimise your Company Culture and Results? 3CM have Three (3) Super Tips:

1. ‘Power-up’ your Origin Story

Every Superhero starts somewhere. Like a Superhero, you too have your own talent story – Not simply your strengths or your skillset but also your self-expression through your stories you tell and live by.

Lead your troops through example and be the Hero of your Origin Story – Heroes have hopes, capitalise on opportunities to overcome challenges, surround themselves with supporters, fully use their available resources and take bold actions.

After setting this example, humanising yourself to your team will encourage other heroes within your organisation to come out of the woodwork and own their personal Origin Stories – encouraging them to apply their talents in a passionate way.

With clear questions and thorough listening, a Supervisor or Manager can be a ‘talent catalyst’ to help a team member articulate their own hero story around their hopes, aspirations and talents.

2. 'Hulk-Smash!' through Any and All Obstacles

Like the Hulk, you can’t let obstacles (or walls) stand in your way. Instead, utilise these obstacles as talent accelerators, rising to the challenge rather than accepting defeat.

Talent needs obstacles to unlock its full potential. Like the superhero who experiences a life-changing catalyst before they are thrust into their vigilante lifestyle, so too must you face the Supervillain challenges that demand your full attention, intelligence and dedication and with their defeat comes greater strength.

This approach will trickle-down through your Organisational Culture to create a positive Team approach to everything from tight time lines, to financial down-turns within your industry. Heroes Inspire Dedication and Optimism, and so too must you.

3. Inspire your Civilians

Superheroes embody Hope and Resilience through their Actions and Morale. In the same way, it is not just enough to express your talents, you must also call your Team to action through focusing your daily tasks and innovation to create tangible career and organisational assets.

When you engage your Team’s self-motivation and invite talent to rise up in your organization, everyone benefits.


Need help discovering your Origin Story? 3CM can help! Contact Us for how we can help you unlock the Management Hero in you…