The FIVE Tendencies of Bad Managers

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Being the manager or supervisor is hard; especially when you need to counter the natural tendencies that separate you from the people you manage. Knowing what these propensities are can help you avoid them. Here is the top five to watch out for:


  1. Self-deluding.  This isn't just a problem with bosses; the majority of people estimate their skills to be higher than they are in reality. Be aware that you might be self-aggrandizing and find ways to get feedback and evaluations that show you what your true skills are.
  2. Heedless of subordinates.  Those under them watch those in positions of power carefully. But that level of attention is not reciprocated. When you become the head honcho, don't forget to remain inquisitive about and engaged with your direct reports.
  3. Insulated from reality.  No one wants to deliver bad news to the boss, so the boss often doesn't know the full story. Create a safe culture in which the messenger isn't shot, but lauded for bringing important information forward.
  4. Tough conversations.  Anytime you find yourself stuck or stressed, there’s a tough conversation you’re either not holding or not holding well.
  5. Conflict resolution.  Conflict management is critical in the role — just about anything that gets to the manager's desk has an element of pleasing someone and making someone else unhappy. When the manager avoids conflict, it can shut down the whole team and even the organization: decisions are not made and problems fester, creating a domino effect of unproductive behaviours down the ladder. A manager or supervisor who can manage and channel conflict in a constructive way can get to the root of issues, apply rigor to the team's thinking, and, ultimately drive the best outcomes.


So cultivating these crucial skills can be a powerful tool to help the entire organization.

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