What is the “deal” with Business Emotional Intelligence?

Monday, 14 September 2015

What is the 'deal' with Business Emotional Intelligence?

Understand the Impact...Know the Full Potential

We think it is fair to say that organisations today need Business Emotional Intelligence more than ever.  Flatter structures require more self management, changing job roles requires greater adaptability, more competition demands more creativity, more pressure requires more emotional resilience and globalisation means more team work and more diverse customers, which require more understanding and better relationship management.

Up until recently the main approaches to understanding and
 developing human behaviour and performance have been personality questionnaires.  But after feedback there can be a feeling of, “I am an Introvert. So what?“

The much more important question is ‘How can I be more effective?’

The answer is NOT to change who you are but to learn how to manage yourself and manage your relationships more effectively.  For example, an introvert can learn how to be an excellent trainer or networker without changing their personality.

In essence Business Emotional Intelligence is learning to manage your personality at work.

Business Emotional Intelligence is about focusing on the combination of factors (skills, habits and attitudes) that determine why we behave effectively or not in a work context.  Plus, more importantly, it is about understanding the emotional drivers and underlying behaviour that impact on those factors and doing something with that information.

However, focusing just on skills are rarely enough.  For example a person might attend an assertiveness skills course but he/she soon reverts to their submissive behaviour because they still feel inadequate.

Therefore, understanding and gaining an accurate insight into how emotions impact on relationships and performance at work and doing something with that knowledge (developing and using their Business Emotional Intelligence) is now recognised as the key to realising the full potential of an organisation's human capital.

In the 21st century, now more than ever, Emotional Intelligence at work (Business EQ) is becoming the "new yardstick" by which leaders, managers and organisations are being evaluated.

Have you ever tried to coach someone who “didn't understand the impact of their personality at work”? Send me your comments. I’d love to read them! - George K Sawiris (3CM)