"If you were only going to invest in a single training provider in your entire career then 3CM should be it. Professional, latest industry resources and training programmes, 3CM delivers."

Dwayne Huxley, ex-Rio Tinto Iron Ore


Most clients invest in learning and development workshops for their people because they want (need) a specific outcome:

  • A change of behaviour and/or attitude
  • An increase in skills
  • An increase in knowledge
  • Learn different ways to tackle a given situation
  • To continually improve by staying in front or not get left behind

Ultimately, to become better at what they do so that the participant will become more effective, productive and profitable.

With such critically important outcomes it is not worth taking the chance on some 'off the shelf, by the book' training course and hoping that the course will fix the issues you/your people are facing.

making a difference to the difference...

To ensure the training programmes are absolutely relevant to your business and people, 3CM's difference is that they tailour each workshop to: 


This includes;

  • Case studies are researched and based on your customers
  • Learning materials are branded with your logos
  • Workshops are linked to your key initiatives, rather than being stand alone, 'tick the box' events
  • Daily agendas are based around your people's capability, rather than "it is 11 am so we must be on page 17"
  • Workshops are participative and experiential, with the focus on the participants, not the trainer

We deliver high performance learning through customised In-Company training programs across the key areas of:

3CM’s learning and development is characterised by interactive project forums, with group action learning and collaborative research that can be immediately applied in the workplace.

Ideally, cohorts will be kept to a group of six to ten participants with a focus on hands on learning. Workplace projects are applied to real work-based activities, rather than theory and textbook for the summative assessment.

3CM training is organised to suit busy schedules and compacted to minimise time away from the workplace, which we understand is major consideration when planning professional development.

3CM also acknowledges that candidates may have previous experience or qualifications that could award them credits for units of competence. For more information visit our Recognition of Prior Learning page.

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