Government Funding Opportunities


Your organisation may qualify for a variety of Federal and/or State Funding opportunities and incentives which in some cases, can mean that the training can be cash flow neutral, or positive when looked at holistically. (Please note conditions and eligibility criteria apply to all Government Funding)

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Four of the many benefits include:

1.  A strategic investment to enhance employee confidence and competence

In Australia, companies are discovering that choosing 3CM is a strategic step in the direction of genuine organisational agility. More employees deploying more skills in the pursuit of more positive outcomes for your business.

2.  Improve job satisafaction and retention rates

Successful managers already know what the research confirms: staff who acquire new skill sets and expand their range of core responsibilities enjoy better job satisfaction and higher rates of safety and productivity. They also stay in their role for longer and tend to progress within the organisation as opposed to looking elsewhere.

3.  Reduce learning & development expenditure, while retaining the investment in resources

For progressive companies, quality vocational training has always represented a significant investment of resources. However, selecting 3CM to answer your L&D strategy requirements now brings a host of government funding schemes into play. With incentives often outstripping course fees, you can partner with a true industry specialist to upgrade your workforce at negative net cost and with zero risk.

4.  Achieve overall competitive advantage and growth in the market

3CM manages the process from enrolment to certification, delivering targeted expertise to employees across the skill sets they truly need to excel in their day-to-day operations. Our tailored training solutions, your improved performance.

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