In-Company Training

3CM can customise individual workshops, a combination of workshops, or even a complete professional certification programme, to give you a course tailored to meet your organisation's specific needs - and we can deliver it in-house or at a venue that suits you. In-Company training can be more cost-effective than open learning if you have six or more candidates for the one course.

Your Comapny...Your Programme

What is it?

In company training is when our trainers travel to you and delivers programmes exclusively to groups of your people on a date and at a venue which suits your business needs. In company training is particularly cost effective which is why it is the first choice for many of our customers. 

The benefits

There are specific advantages that make "In-Company" the first choice for so many of our clients.

  • All topics can be presented and discussed against the culture, practice and experiences of your company.
  • Tailored or Customised training options are the natural choice where the training need is likely to be relevant and specific to business imperatives.
  • Learning material is specific and appropriate. This saves time and money, as well as enhances participants' interest and transference of learning.
  • Programmes often start with a diagnostic assessment or training analysis to determine the level of need, and programme(s) can be followed up to check the desired change has taken place.
  • This process will also address any road blocks for learning such as language, literacy and numeracy etc.
  • In-Company tailored or customised courses are particularly cost effective. The courses are only as long as they need to be to satisfy the learning objectives and operational imperatives 

The 3 different types

Level 1. Ready To Deliver

A ready to run programme is one that has already been developed by 3CM. We have a wide range of such courses under our Managing Yourself, Managing Your People, Manage Your Business, Managing Safety, including Training and Asessment Skills sections on this website. With a few exceptions, the fee of delivering level 1 ready to run in company training is less than the cost of sending multiple delegates on the equivalent bookable (open) public course.

Delivery can be at a training venue of your choice, or you could use our own centre. Wherever it is delivered you will still get the same great service as if you were on a bookable (open) public course.

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Level 2. Customised/Tailored

We can create a course exclusively for you based on our vast library of training resources. Such tailored training allows you to change the emphasis given to particular sections of a ready to run course or to select material from various of our ready to run courses. You can also use our Mix and Match suggestions.

When working with you in this way your culture, business practices and the experiences of the delegates can be incorporated into every training session. This ensures the ideas presented are seen as totally relevant and so acted upon more quickly by the delegates.

Level 3. Bespoke

Bespoke training involves us writing training material exclusively for you. Bespoke training is the natural choice where the training need is likely to be special.

Our in company bespoke training is a particularly cost effective way of achieving the results you want in the shortest possible time frame. Sometimes, in-company courses use a mixture of tailored and bespoke material to meet your training objectives.

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