Advanced Management Programme


The Advanced Diploma of Management is aimed at individuals with senior or mid-level managerial responsibilities or technical professionals who aspire to work independently and responsibly toward organisational outcomes. They may oversee the work of others or have specialised roles where they do not supervise others but provide strategic leadership.

3CM has tackled an old idea and revamped it with a new twist. It is true to its original philosophy of adopting a highly interactive project forum, with Group Action Learning in a collaborative research and information marketplace for maximum impact and learning. The new twist is the intensive ONE - plus - ONE learning experience 3CM has devised, taking a 'critical aspects' approach to fit within most schedules and learning styles.

This approach brings a diverse range of topics into a coherent framework that is easily understood by students. Students then attend four half day Group Coaching Project Forums to work on their projects and receive feedback from a 3CM Assessor, to enable them to demonstrate competence and confidence as they progress through the programme.

3CM Premium Programme Support

As a Premium Programme the learning is supported throughout the duration with...
  • Pre learning begins with a three hour assessment session, known as the 3CM's Strategy Meeting, including setting out the scope of work, an interim reporting framework on established speciifc and measurable goals and the final review.

  • Access to Group Coaching Project Forums to monitor progress and obtain feedback from like minded participants and the 3CM assessor.

  • It continues with additional support to monitor progress with unlimited phone and email support during business nours throughout the programme.

Programme Overview

This programme reflects the role of individuals who have senior or managerial responsibilities. They may oversee the work of others or have specialised roles where they do not supervise others but provide strategic leadership. The Advanced Management Programme requires students to competently complete eight units of competency.


Job Role

  • General Manager
  • Area Manager
  • Department Manager
  • Businerss Unit Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • Senior HR.

Pathways into the programme

Candidates may enter the qualification through a number of entry points including:

  • BSB51107 Diploma of Management or other relevant qualification/s, OR

  • with substantial vocational experience, in management but without a formal qualification.

Examples of indicative job roles for candidates seeking entry based upon their vocational experience include:

  • Manager.

This breadth of expertise would equate to the competencies required to undertake this qualification.

Pathways from the programme

After achieving this programme candidates may choose to undertake studies at higher education level.

Learning Approach...its a process not an event

The power of ONE - to - ONE...the power of options

A variety of learning approaches are used to reflect the diversity of participants and linked to our consultants subject matter expertise for the most engaging methodology to the adult learning principles.

The What The How

Phase 1: Assessment [Diagnostics]

Comprehensive Needs Analysis
  • 3CM employs an evidence-based approach using a combination of leading edge 'Work of Leaders' and 'Management Profile' self-assessment tools that provide penetrating and useful insights into current strengths and weaknesses, taking into account specific organisational values and culture.
  • Identify core barriers to achieving predicted performance through an in-depth conversation about your past, events and circumstances that shape your current worldview.
  • 363 for Leaders Profiling a multi level assessment before and after the completion of our programme is highly recommended (however, its optional)
  • Conduct a learning style inventory and the possibilities of a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Phase 2: Consulting

  • Integrated action planning software to drive best practice, accountabilty and sustainability.
  • A full session is devoted to the final determination and alignment on clear KPI's and measurements for qualifying progress.
  • Where appropriate, a session is conducted with your sponsor to obtain input and achieve alignment on clear around the agreed KPI's.
  • Consult back to your management team with our recommendations as to what needs to be done and a Workplace Development Project Plan (At this stage you can decide if you wish to proceed with 3CM or ‘fix it yourself’).

Phase 3: Training

High Performance Learning - OPTION
  • Facilitation of training workshops directly tailored and aligned to your business, market and what your people need to be doing better or differently. (These workshops are NOT off the shelf, by the book, generic training ‘courses’).
  • Training can also be based on appropriate nationally recognised units of competence.
  • Selections of PD options are workshops/online or self-paced modules directly aligned to your business unit and your candidate need to develop their skills.

Phase 4: Coaching

High Performance Coaching - OPTION
  • On the Job follow up and coaching is critical to ensure that training content is implemented and reinforced in the field and not left in the ‘classroom’.
  • Group Coaching - monthly sessions are another possibility to meet with other like minded professional to discuss relevant topics and share thoughts and ideas,
  • Our standard coaching programme takes 6 to 12 months to complete, depending on the number and frequency of sessions. However, we can arrange for shorter-term assignments to suit specific requirements.
  • The frequency of sessions is determined in consultation with the client but is preferably no longer than a month apart, and usually 3 to 4 weeks apart.
  • During each session leaders are responsible and accountable for their 'leaders Journal' that outlines their individual and team action steps and provides the opportunity for them to document progress made for debriefing in their one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • The Coaching phase cements the transition from ‘theoretical’ to ‘practical’ application of the newly acquired behaviours, knowledge and skills, and importantly secures your ROI.

Phase 5: Assessment [Summative]

Measure the Results
  • Where appropriate, regular sponsor meetings are held to report on progress during and after the process.
  • Re-assess your Managers level of capability, inspiration and engagement improvement through a selection of either face-to-face interview; on the job observation or demonstration; psychometric testing; third party validation;competency based assessment; workplace project.
  • KPI's are revised in each coaching session, and the opportunity for the candidate to rate their own performance improvement and generate new actions to forward the progress.

What Outcomes Will I See?

As a result of completing this programme successfully, participants should be able to achieve the following:

Learning Objectives
Outcomes Content Benefits

Identify and demonstrate the impact of personal leadership style

A comprehensive needs analysis with a powerful set of behavioural diagnostics that include multi-level and self-assessments

Individuals who's learning style best fits a practical and applied learning approach NOT theoretical

Identify the broader picture of their role and align their business unit strategic and business plan to the whole organisation

Identify the steps to develop and to implement a strategic and business plan to your organisation

Learning outcomes are linked and measured against organisational strategies and business imperatives. This will produce an outstanding ROI for the business

Identify, plan and implement a significant organisational change management requirement and embed a culture of continuous improvement

Designing, implementing and managing organisational change 

Supervisors, team leaders and managers who have completed the Frontline Manager Qualifications and are planning to further develop their skills and knowledge. In order to successfully complete the assessment requirements at this level, participants should have at least five years experience as a supervisor, team leader or manager

Identify and demonstrate the information and knowledge management consequences of the work of their business unit to the whole organisation

Interactive organisational or simulated case studies Practical and productivity matters in sustaining learning transfer to the workplace too...not theoretical

Identify and demonstrate innovation and continuous improvement resulting in a more significant contribution to their organisation’s current and future success.

Identifying and implementing ethical decision making Mid level managers and professionals aspiring or positioning themselves to adopt a leadership role in their organisation in the near future
Understing financials as they apply to managerial decision making Developing and understanding business acumen A tailored learning and development plan that meets your personal needs and organisational requirements
Clearly define the role of management and leadership Dealing with difficult situations and holding crucial conversations A choice of learning units that best reflects your professional needs and organisational requirements
Manage the performance of their people Managing people performance Small business owners, both local and overseas business, public and private sector managers wanting to update their managerial skills

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Learning Strategy

Transference of LearningDeveloping a High Performance Culture

Our courses are highly participative workshops and project forums in the true sense.  You'll have an opportunity to explore issues and practice skills during individual and group activities (Action Learning).  We believe that the most beneficial elements of our workshops are your opportunities to perform the new skills and receive feedback (not only from the facilitator, but from your peers as well).

We use “Action learning”, as a process in which groups of learners collaborate to solve actual workplace problems. In this way, organisations benefit from gaining solutions to critical challenges and participants benefit by learning from their experiences.

We follow a quick pace in our workshops so expect a high-content, high-involvement, high-energy programme.  We'll use checklists, handouts, questionnaires, learning guides, worksheets and workbooks, and samples of templates to provide you with tangible guidance in developing new skills.  Numerous tips and techniques are contained in the course materials and reinforced during exercises.  The focus and efficiency you gain from the workshop will reduce your extra workload.

To summarise – our approach is to do it rather than talk about it.

Learning Methodologies

Assessment Centre - Diagnostics Tools

  • DiSC® Psychometric Behavioural Assessments
  • EBW Business EQ Assessments
  • P8 Organisation Culture Assessments
  • TIA Trust Inside Teams Assessments
  • The 5 Behaviours of Cohesive Team Assessment
  • Competency Based Assessments
  • Learning Style Assessment

Learning Delivery

  • Facilitated sessions by high callibre practitioners
  • Case studies that are relevant, practical and applied
  • Guided discussion, rather then theory and textbook
  • Syndicate work, collaborative and applicable to real workplace situations
  • Workplace projects linked to strategic and operational imperatives

Support for Blended Learning

  • Learning Resources (including high quality 3CM designed templates and handouts)
  • Learner Workbooks and Worksheets
  • eLearning (flexible and blended approach)
  • Webinars
  • Coaching (3CM’s coaching can increase transference of learning from 20% to 88%)
  • Formative and summative assessments

Your Guarantee of Quality

Since 1991, 3CM have met stringent AQTF requirements; programmes are covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If we fail to meet your expectations, contact us and we will negotiate corrective action.


Flexible & Blended

eLearning available

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