Online Learning

Online Learning

3CM acknowledges that when it comes to qualifying for tomorrow, working professionals are increasingly interested in online learning experiences. That is why our broad national reach in terms of workshop delivery is now complemented by an exciting e-Learning offer that maximises flexibility without compromising on our high standards.

How does e-Learning work?

The development of our customised online component has revolved around a rejection of alternative distance models that provide little or no support to clients beyond their initial enrolment. By contrast, 3CM stresses a philosophy of close support at every step of the learning and delivery process.

A dedicated 3CM trainer and coach...the power of ONE-plus-ONE

Each participant has a dedicated trainer who monitors ongoing progress and interacts via the e-Learning software package. These assessors provide constructive feedback to assignment as required, and are in regular contact via phone and email. The result is a unique tool for skills training that ensures that participants who choose to e-Learn with Upskilled are able to do so with complete confidence.

The 3CM catalogue of e-learning empowers you to meet your training needs in your workplace.

3CM combines the power of an extensive catalogue of ready-to-deploy courses with the flexibility and reliability of a hosted Learning Management System so that you can deploy individual and group learning programs where and when you need them.

Using 3CM's eLearning, you can develop and deploy programs at all organisational levels for:

  • induction
  • continuing professional development
  • succession planning
  • performance management, or
  • outplacement.

The 3CM eLearning is simple and economical to set up, and equally simple to deploy. You could establish a workforce learning and development initiative similar to this example in a matter of hours.

Got a computer?

3CM doesn't believe in 'correspondence courses'. Instead, we've evolved online learning packages to the next level - training modules that are interactive, integrated, available 24/7, and that come to you no matter where you are.

The 3CM focus on quality means that our learning-based online training surpasses industry best practice in terms of content, delivery, and ongoing support.

Completing a course through e-Learning is professionally rewarding and comes with great benefits

  • Immediate start
  • Dedicated assessor support for each participant
  • Study at your pace
  • Nationally recognised qualifications
  • Ease of use
  • Highly interactive
  • Innovative learning materials
  • Coaching packages to choose from to support the participant
  • Your full course fees could be covered by Government Funding & Incentives

To find out more, enquire here to request an application form and a 3CM L&D Advisor will be in touch to answer any questions you may have.

List of 3CM Courses Available For Online Delivery

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