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In this constantly changing world, your employees are frequently challenged to develop new skills, knowledge and approaches in order to perform well in their roles and contribute to the delivery of world-class customer value experience.

Our professional development courses form an exceptional solution to those who require training for a new role, or for those of us who will benefi t from 'refresher' sessions in business skills. Standard principles of applied adult learning and effective reinforcement through workshop based activity are incorporated during the course. In addition, 3CM has incorporated a methodology which has been derived from over 24 years of professional development and training. The HIGHLY Interactive methodology is applied as the core delivery foundation to this series of courses. It commences with the identification of existing knowledge, moves on to building skills and techniques, and is completed by relating learning to the workplace and committing to behavioural change.

3CM's short one day courses can address challenges for many individuals by providing them with fundamental business management skills such as communication (verbal and written), customer service, negotiation, and time management. Whilst many of us can demonstrate these skills instinctively, poor habits can develop over time and going 'back to basics' can provide a simple solution for change and improvement.

Our suite of professional management development courses also includes topics for leaders and managers, assisting them to build successful, high performing teams. These programs address the core skills required for effective leadership and management, and equip students with practical tools and techniques to implement in the workplace.

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  • BSBSS00043

    BSBSS00043 Key Management Skill Set


    This skill set is for people newly promoted to the position of supervisor, leading hand or team leader.

  • BSBSS00063

    BSBSS00063 Team Leader Skill Set


    This Skill Set is aimed at individuals who have been recently promoted into or working as an entry level management role which includes leadership responsibilities.  This Skill Set also contributes towards the BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management.

  • BSB51918

    The New Manager Experience


    TALENT - In tough economic times, most organisations cut back on talent development programs and barely consider succession planning. What the best practice organisations do differently is keep their talent pool full no matter what - which may be why they stay on top.


  • BSB42015

    The New Supervisor Experience


    Technically they are brilliant, but what about their skills in management and supervision? This short course is designed to build their supervision skill set's all about getting control of the new role.

  • Mix ‘n’ Match Professional Development


    Mix 'n' Match ONE day training modules - totally flexible training at a very attractive price...choose over 87 training modules from 4 key subject areas to create your perfect Professional Management Development Plan...for today's organisation

  • Managing Yourself

    Coming Soon...

  • Managing Your People

    Coming Soon...

  • Managing Your Business

    Coming Soon...

  • Managing Safety

    Coming Soon...

  • BSB51918

    Six Secrets to Effective Meetings


    If there is anything that cheeses a team off, it is the chairperson’s lack of skill and knowledge of conducting an effective meeting. This program explores how there are basically three purposes for conducting a meeting: to solve problems; share information and agree on actions. A skilled chairperson is one who plans and controls a meeting to ensure the purpose is achieved efficiently, fairly and is as enjoyable as possible.