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3cm is the Leadership and Management specialist providing Training, Coaching and Mentoring of accredited , non-accredited , micro-credentials and Science of Self in workshop, workplace, online and one on one sessions; giving Leaders and Teams the tools to drive organisational success.

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Who We Are!

3cm Pty Limited (RTO # 0182) is a Registered Training Organisation and Management/Leadership Consultancy based in Perth, Western Australia.  We provide unique and innovative professional development, consulting and training services to a broad industry base in the corporate and public sectors.

In line with the Australian Qualification Framework, Standards for RTO’s 2015 and the VET regulator, 3cm has met stringent quality and management standards for education and training.

3cm is a dedicated team of coaching and training organisational development professionals who share a strong belief in the power of people and teams.  Operating since 1990, we know improvements in business performance, leadership and management can only be achieved and sustained through an engaged team of people and decisive leadership, having developed over 18,000 people and consulted to over 1,200 organisations.

Great leadership, management and mentoring is succession planning, for sustainable results going forward, continuous improvement practices that optimise people, teams, health-safety-environment and workplace fun while achieving a return on investment.  This is what 3cm facilitates.  We achieve this through consultation and collaboration with the most important people…you.

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Registered Training Organisation and Management/Leadership Consultancy

3cm applies innovative learning and consulting solutions in partnership with our Clients that support leadership and Management growth, accomplish extraordinary projects and provide a catalyst for organisational transformation to produce sustainable results. 3cm believes that business performance can only be achieved through people performance

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Why 3cm

Why 3cm?

Your business is unique. Your challenges are unique. Likewise your strategic, cultural and people needs are unique. If you are looking to improve business performance by developing talented individuals, high performance teams or your whole business, 3cm can help you do that.

Our Clients have consistently said:

  • Learning Objectives Met 90.2%
  • Personal Objectives Met 86.5%
  • Quality of Learning Materials 87.9%
  • Administration 86%
  • Completion rate of candidates in Impact Leadership Programs 96%
  • Coaching and Mentoring 1:1 Sessions at 94%
  • Workshop Rating of 89%
  • Overall Client rating 97%

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3cm expert team are at the forefront of re-shaping leadership development for the 21st century. We know leadership is no longer an individual activity – a leader’s success depends on others succeeding. This knowledge underpins 3cm‘s service to you:

Effective leadership and management training program

There is no substitute for effective leadership and management. Understanding what makes you a leader through the Science of Self.

high performance learning through customised training programs

Delivering high performance learning through customised In-Company training programs and our Impact Leadership Program.

Leadership & Management Development

Leadership & Management Development is essential to the success of organisations. Become the leader you want to be.

Leadership & Management Development

Our products are our people, our teamwork, our knowledge, skills, passion and diversity. Our people are the best part of 3cm and the main reason for our success. Each one has the qualitities and experience we all look for in learning and development.

developing high performance learning

Since 1991, 3cm have focused on delivering and developing high performance learning and cultures. We specialise 100% in transforming individuals, teams and organisations without boundaries.

think. innovate. change.

Think. Innovate. Change.

The 3cm name and symbol refer to our three cornerstones of management: The continuous cycle of Think, Innovate, Change is represented by the circular cycle of our logo. The hexagon is the strongest geometric shape in the world because its efficient and the least wasteful. This represents 3cm’s goal for our clients. With all learning and development programmes and strategic management consultancy, 3cm constantly encourages participants to focus on:


Time, clarity and focus to use one’s mind actively to form connected ideas.


To challenge what exists for an improved result, large or incremental.


Change starts with a thought or an innovation for a better outcome and is then put into action.

3cm’s vision is to transform people, teams and organisations, without boundaries… by providing the highest quality of integrated learning and development for individuals and organisations, through blended group-based and work-based learning in the most sustainable and cost efficient way.

learning and development programmes and strategic management consultancy