Supervisor Training

We see leadership through the lens of your business and know getting outstanding results requires outstanding leaders.

Supervisor Training

Master the Techniques of High Performance Leaders and Managers

3CM offers a broad portfolio of management development to help you succeed in a rapidly changing world. We can turn great managers into outstanding business leaders through developing leadership skills, judgement and confidence to create tangible high performance results.

Improve Team Performance and Alignment…critical programs for all managers

“The fundamental task of management has not changed in thousands of years. It is and always has been a matter of concentrating and channelling organisational energy and resources along productive and safe lines, and it taxes and vexes the best and brightest managers – George K Sawiris”

People new to management are likely to already possess the knowledge and skills they to perform in their area of expertise – it’s probably why they got promoted in the first place.

But being a manager or supervisor demands a new type of skill. And that’s exactly what 3CM’s Management and Leadership Programs are designed to achieve.

We provide participants with practical tips, techniques and solutions needed for success without incurring too many hard knocks that come with trial and error; which ultimately impacts on confidence and competence.

More importantly, we help organisations to achieve a high value perspective from their training budget. We do this by bringing a scientific approach to the assessment, design, delivery and measurement of training.



Business EQ for Leaders

Some people have been conditioned to believe that emotions are not welcome in the workplace and that leadership performance is all about cold, logical, financial understanding and decision making. Leadership research tells us that the lack of interpersonal skills and the inability to adapt are the two principal derailment factors in leadership careers.

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Diploma of Leadership and Management

Equipped with a Diploma of Leadership and Management, managers provide leadership and guidance to others, take responsibility for the outcomes, effective functioning and performance of the team and contributes to organisational development.

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Mentoring in the Workplace

A mentoring relationship is usually where one wiser and more experienced person assists another person to grow and learn. It is not a new management technique. Since humans have lived in social groups we have learnt our norms, values and behaviours by the example and coaching of others.

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